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If you’re looking for a niche-weekly review, or need to contact us, you’re in the right place. Find out more about us, what we are all about, and why we do what we do. Oh yeah, and will give you ways to contact us as well!

The search for successful online business ideas can be a confusing, time-swallowing web that most people never escape from.  In other words, you never get past the search phase to even begin building your site, much less get the opportunity to see if it will be a success.

Long ago, I decided to make THAT my business!  I felt I could use my research and resources to help others save time and money on that initial phase of the website building process.  Hey, we all need to fit in somewhere, and I am kind of a nerd when it comes to crunching numbers and doing research!

If you find value in this site, I thank you in advance.  I enjoy hearing from people all over the world, who provide suggestions and comments about the information they find here.  I would love to hear from you as well.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to join us on our Facebook page.  I also invite you to email me directly with any comments or concerns you may have.

I also have an email series, which gives you an Ebook I wrote that offers “SnapShots” of over 100 niche ideas, plus a weekly “GamePlan” which gives you even more information to help you get started.  There’s no obligation for this, and it gives you some very good insight into the online business building process.

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