Juicy tips for building solid Amazon affiliate websites

amazon affiliate websitesAffiliate marketing will be worth $10 billion by 2021!!

So you want to run Amazon affiliate websites?  You’re not alone!  Perhaps the most popular strategy, it can be very successful if done correctly.  Thinking outside the box will go a long way!

In this current “ocean” of Amazon affiliate websites, doing things to set yourself apart from others is key.  Review sites have been done to death, and they usually fade into oblivion if they don’t contain good content.

Content driven Amazon affiliate websites take a niche subject, create tons of engaging content, and then craftily weave product links into that content.  Showcasing products in an organic way is the ultimate way to suggest related items for interested readers.  No sales pitch needed!

Yes, even in the world of Amazon affiliate websites, content is king!!!

Your audience can smell a weak sales pitch from a mile away, so make sure you are writing valuable, interesting content.  establish yourself as an authority, and selling or suggesting a product is way easier!

The benefits of an Amazon affiliate website


    • Amazon affiliate websites are one of the easiest ways to start making money online. They are easy to set up and are pretty cost effective


    • Amazon offers a streamlined affiliate earnings method. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing schemes, where you have to heavily promote low paying offers, often with your own money, Amazon affiliate websites are organically found by people searching the products that you market, which means that they are ready to buy


    • The Amazon tracking cookie will register any purchase made by a customer coming to the marketplace from your site and pay you a fee for the full amount spent by the buyer, and not only for the product they were referred to


    • The fact that Amazon is a trusted place to shop online makes Amazon affiliate websites already valuable and easy to monetize. If you pick a good niche and fill your site with compelling content, you can easily take home great earnings.

Setting up an Amazon affiliate website

Creating an Amazon affiliate website is simpler now that it has ever been. Let’s take a peek at everything you need to set up your first Amazon affiliate website, one step at a time:

Picking a niche

Sound familiar?  Once again, choosing a focused niche is the key- whether it is a blog or Amazon affiliate site.

Picking the right niche can make a big difference in both traffic and earnings. Some niches are considered big and some are considered small. For example, the video game niche is huge, but the Keto diet niche is much smaller. The bigger the niche, the more profitable it is deemed to be.

In most cases, there’s going to be a lot more competition in larger niche areas.  Sometimes, going small can yield better results, because you are taking advantage of an under-served niche market.

Keep in mind that the average price of products in your niche of choice and the average number of sales can have a greater impact on your earnings than how big or small the niche is. If your niche of choice has an amazing market share, but each sale averages only $3, you’ll need to make a titanic amount of sales to turn a decent profit.

On the other hand, if your niche of choice is smaller, yet each sale is $4,000, you’ll be making big earnings on only a few sales a month.

Do yourself a favor, and choose niche ideas that you’ll actually enjoy promoting. That will make your affiliate site much more authoritative, which in turn will make it more delicious to your visitors.  They can feel the love!

Jaaxy will help you find those IDEAL keywords and niches

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A domain name for your site

Now that you have settled on a niche, you have to add a domain name related to it. The domain name is simply the name address of your website, and you can pick up one from a number of vendors online.

Best rule of thumb is to come up with a name that is remember-able and also heavily related to your niche.  Using your main keyword is fine, but not necessary.  You want people to remember you, so get a little snappy!


Website builder and hosting

Now that you have your niche and your domain name, you now need to create an actual site. WordPress is by far the easiest, most flexible, and most popular platform for building great blogs and websites.

A hosting service such as Wealthy Affiliate is also needed to build and grow your website.  Whichever hosting platform you choose, make sure they offer room to build many sites, and other vital features such as SSL certificates already included.


Final recommendations


    • Google (or ask the community at Wealthy Affiliate) for a list of affiliate-friendly WordPress themes


    • Make sure that your site is neatly organized, that your links are in order and that you use high quality, appealing images


  • Make sure that your affiliate links are easy to navigate. Many affiliates lose a lot of sales because they don’t get customers to click through their affiliate links. Don’t be shy!

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