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baby product affiliate programsOh, baby, baby!  If you’re building a website that focuses on the baby gear niche, you’re making a wise choice!  these baby product affiliate programs will add value and interest (and some profit) to your great content.

From, the baby products industry will soar from an estimated $78 billion US dollars in 2018, to over $109 billion by 2026!

There are many angles to explore when designing a baby site.  Baby care and development, product reviews, etc. are just a few good examples of what’s working.

The baby category ties in well with other family-oriented niche ideas, and you can check out our article that lists a bunch of ’em here!

Put your own spin and voice on some of these concepts, and link into some of the following great baby product affiliate programs.

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Top baby product affiliate programs


buy buy baby affiliate program




BuyBuy Baby

Having a dedicated baby site that boasts over 50,000 products is a very good thing if you are targeting this niche.  Being an affiliate of Buy Buy Baby allows to target this niche very directly.

The downside is the commission is only 3% and the cookie is only 1 day.  While this is not ideal, they offer services that are not available on your average site.  Services such gift registry and white glove delivery and assembly give them an edge in the baby business.

An affiliate partnership with BuyBuy Baby probably won’t be the cornerstone of your monetization plan, but it provides a great complement to your portfolio.

affiliate link:


bloom baby affiliate program




Bloom Baby

Specializing in innovative and modern baby furniture products, Bloom Baby has carved their own unique niche in this highly competitive arena.

A company started by four dads on a mission, many of their products are environmentally friendly which is another selling point to drive home to your audience.

Managed by ShareASale, their affiliate program features 10% commission, $350 average order (very nice!), 90 day cookie, and outstanding creatives.

This company gives you a bit of an unique twist to your promotions.

affiliate link:



summer infant affiliate program



Summer Infant

In business for over three decades, Summer Infant has a wide range of baby and toddler products that meet a variety of needs.

Similar to Buy Buy Baby in scope and product range, partnering with Summer Infant gives you a selling point of promoting a company that specializes in this targeted demographic.

Their affiliate program features 7% commission and a respectable 30 day cookie.

affiliate link:



patpat affiliate program



PatPat is a shopping deal site featuring baby stuff.  They connect directly with manufacturers t bring in the lowest prices, and the site is an increasingly popular option for parents.

Their commission is impressive at 12%-15% and they offer a 45 day cookie.  Their affiliate program is run through ShareASale.

affiliate link:


finn and emma affiliate program




Finn and Emma

If you’re looking for a unique spin to your recommendations, Finn and Emma may be a company to promote.  Specializing in 100% organic clothes and accessories for baby, this is a unique selling point that is gaining popularity quickly.

The Finn and Emma affiliate program offers a very nice 10% commission and a 90 day cookie.  Their average order is around $90.  They offer a wide range of creative, and support for their affiliates.

affiliate link:

The baby niche is HOT!!!  There are a lot of options to choose from, and many angles to target within the niche.  Here’s a little more reading for family and parenting niche ideas:

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