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boating affiliate programsBoating is a huge passion for millions, and huge business!  Building a niche site that caters to this crowd, combined with some great boating affiliate programs, can set you on a course for success.

Annual U.S. sales of boatsmarine products and services are estimated to total $42 billion in 2019. Retail unit sales of new powerboats are estimated to have held steady in 2019 at approximately 280,000 units, the second highest total since 2007. Boaters across the country are finding ways to spend time on the water.

This doesn’t account for sales worldwide which make the industry much larger.  It also doesn’t give light to all the sections of the boating industry such as non-power boats (canoes, kayaks, etc.) or even yachting, all of which can be their own focus for a great niche site.

Quickly, just to spur your creative mind, here’s a short list of different types of boats.  Think of each separately, and also what types of activities each boat is normally used for.  The type of boat plus the type of activity equals a niche!

  • fishing boats
  • dinghy boats
  • deck boats
  • bowrider boats
  • catamarans
  • houseboats
  • pontoon boats

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Some of our favorite Boating Affiliate Programs

sea eagle affiliate program


Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle offers you a great chance to sell big ticket items-boats.  They have a robust affiliate program that is managed by AvantLink.

They offer boats of all sizes and types, and also a wide range of boating gear.

Don’t shy away from bigger ticket items!  The commissions can be great, and it takes just as much effort to sell high priced items than it does to sell the lower ones.

The only difference is the audience.  If you are crafting content that appeals to particular audiences interested in these higher ticket items, then your message comes across clear!

Affiliate terms for Sea Eagle include 15% commission, 120 day tracking cookie, and an average order of $650.

They have a wide range of creative banners and links, and you can promote the fact that they feature fast shipping turn-around, usually next business day.

Affiliate link:


bass pro shops affiliate program


Bass Pro Shops

Brand recognition is very high here, one of the best reasons to consider promoting Bass Pro shops.

In addition to a well recognized name that makes selling a bit easier, Bass Pro Shops offers a wide range of products that cater to the outdoor enthusiast, including boating fans.

Bass Pro Shops even features their own private label items, making these products exclusive.

Their affiliate program is managed by CJ.  While they currently offer a meager 5% commission and a 30 day cookie, their average order is around $100.

Affiliate link:  commission junction


marine products affiliate program

Marine Products

Featuring a wide and diverse selection of water sports, apparel and boat parts, Marine Products has been around for 40 years.

Their affiliate program is managed by AvantLink.  The program’s highlights include a wide array of creatives, which they often update.

The terms are pretty nice- 8-13%, 20 day cookies, and an average order of about $250.

Affiliate link:  Marine Products/AvantLink

boat us affiliate program

Boat U.S.

Boat insurance is probably something you may have not thought about much, but promoting this in addition to other boating necessities makes very logical sense.

Boat U.S. offers a variety of insurance and care packages, and you can earn up to $30 per sale.  They offer a limited, but visually-appealing, banner selection.

The team at Boat U.S. even offers financing and boat loans.

Affiliate link:


boatbookings affiliate program


For a little something out f the ordinary, or maybe you have a travel niche, consider the BoatBookings affiliate program.  This is a yacht charter service that offers excursions all over the world.

BoatBookings offers many different sailings, and many different crafts to choose from.  They book trips on yachts, catamarans, and even sailboats.  They sail to a long list of events that would have high interest for niche audiences.

This promotion fits well with higher-end websites catering to the travel industry and also to high-end product website niches.

Their terms are 20% for new customers, and 10% for returning users.  Their cookies are 30 days.

This is a good chance to make some high-end commissions, and visitors that use this type of service are generally repeat customers.

Affiliate link:  BoatBookings affiliate program info

The boating niche is a large and growing niche area that can really be targeted with great content.  Carve your space in this category, and watch your profits come “sailing” in!

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