Build a Niche Website: the Quick Starter Guide

build a niche website

Ok, here we are.  You have made the decision to build a niche website.  But how?  Here’s a quick guide that should provide some good tips on how to begin.

Although there are many different scenarios for building a niche site, we- as always- focus mainly on content-driven websites that monetize through affiliate products.

Build a niche website:  Pick a niche

The first step is find niches that you want to target.  Brainstorm some ideas, usually based on things that interest you.  Write down every hobby, skill, and interest you may have.  Look over the list and determine the ones you want to target.  start with one, but keep this list.  You may want to create several more as you grow online!

There will always be various theories on this, but the basics apply most consistently:

  • Pick a niche you love, or at least have an interest in
  • Pick a niche that is easy to write about
  • Pick a niche that is profitable

Let me explain each:

Picking a niche idea that you have interest in will make it easier to motivate yourself to keep creating fresh content.  There is still space, however, to learn something that is profitable, even if you don’t have any experience in it.

For example, there may be great opportunities in gold and investments, but I don’t have enough knowledge to write about this.  I could still learn all the basics as I move along, and eventually turn it into something I know a lot about.

It is a good basic rule of thumb to at least start with things you like, love, or have experience with.

Finding a niche that is easy to write about is exactly what is says.  You may find a lot of profits in the acne category, for example, but may find it hard to consistently come up with content.  This is something you may weigh when choosing your niches.

Profits will drive your enterprise, so do your research up front to determine if the niche idea can meet your monetary demands.  Some people may just desire a little side income, and others may be shooting for a mansion and Rolls-Royce!!!  LOL…let’s keep it simple for now!

Keep in mind that this can also apply to niche ideas with no products.  If you just want to build a great blog, and know that there will be an audience, you can set up Adsense or other third-party ad sets, and monetize this way.  In other words, don’t ignore your passions if there are no available physical products.

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Build a niche website:  Research, research, research!

Once you have some ideas for niche websites, scour the internet to find details and breadcrumbs that will show evidence that the category is profitable.

Important note:  Don’t let your love for a certain subject make you ignore warning signs that there isn’t much demand for your idea.  It’s important to balance something you love with something that is profitable and in demand!

Here are some easy and fairly obvious ways to determine if a niche idea will be profitable:

  • simple Google search- use main keywords for the niche subject, and see how many websites pop up.  Visit some of them.  Are they current?  Are they well done?  Do they seem popular?  What products are they offering?  Poke around, sign up for emails, etc.
  • also with Google- check out the top and right side of the search results.  Are there ads for this niche?  If companies are spending money on ads, there’s a good chance there is money here.
  • use Amazon- search for products related to your niche.  Check ranking and sales data on each that will hint at how popular a product is.  Are there enough products, with high enough profit margins, to build a site around?  Don’t feel you have to stick to Amazon as your only affiliate option, but they offer a great deal of research that you can use!
  • Look at forums related to your niche, and see what companies and which websites they mention during the course of discussion.
  • Use website ranking sites such as Alexa to grab data that will show you how popular certain sites within your niche are.  Keep in mind, however that there is usually a fee for accessing certain types of data.

Build a niche website:  Get some keywords, gather content ideas

Just like picking a niche, keywords don’t have to be an “unknown, undiscovered gold mine” just waiting for you.  Very few of those ideas or keywords exist anymore. You may develop a list of keywords that define your site that others use, but your overall goal is to create content and promote products that are superior to your competition.

Pick keywords that offer good traffic and good demand.  Use tools such as Jaaxy (my preference) to quickly offer keywords that show estimated traffic and competition data.  Jaaxy was developed by Internet marketers, and it shows.

what is jaaxy

With Jaaxy, you can develop lists of thousands of keywords quickly, get lists of suggested affiliate programs, track historical traffic data, and much more.  I find it an invaluable tool that does a lot of things for my research!

Of course there are many other websites that do this sort of thing.  you may also want to do some initial keyword research on your own.  Either choice is wise, but shooting in the dark is not.  Get a tool that gives you some insight into the words you are going to build a niche site around.

Shoot for a mix of larger, broader keywords and smaller, more focuses words.

Remember, the idea behind keywords is to provide content, not just get hits.  Traffic won’t do you any good if there is no substance.  Your audience will know, and so will Google.

the days of keyword stuffing and other “black hat’ techniques are over.  If you choose quality keywords and provide superior content, Google will reward you.

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Build a niche website:  Install wordpress, pick a theme

There are thousands of WordPress tutorials out there, so I’m not going to offer that in this article.  What I will say is that WordPress offers so many extensions and is so popular, I really would stick to this platform as you start out.

Pick a theme that offers the look you wish to achieve.  There are literally tens of thousands of themes, both free and paid, that can offer the look and features you seek.

That being said, stick with BASIC as you start out.  Save those more advanced decisions for later.  Concentrate on you content first.  you can always change the layout and colors of your site later.

Normally, if you’re developing a website that will offer a ton of focused content, you should choose themes that are categorized as “magazine’ or “news”.  these categories are laid out to be easy to organize your subject matter.

Write great Content!

The most critical part when you build a niche website!  This is your “voice” and your chance to connect.  You build trust and authority with content.  Your trust turns into profits as your audience begins to get comfortable with you, and actually seek you out.

Strive for content that surpasses what your have researched from your competition.  give your audience a reason to choose you over them.  In addition to great, in depth content, use images.  develop articles that are “to the point” and deliver what you said you would.

As you gain more experience, work on developed a unique voice that sets you apart from others.  It shows off your personality- funny, serious, professional, cheesy, etc.  what ever you want it to be.  Most of this will come over time, so don’t over think it!

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Offer up some related products

You can’t put the carriage before the horse, and you can’t offer products before the content.  Writing great content gives you “permission” from your audience to then offer product suggestions.

As you build trust and show the public that you know what you are talking about, they will be more likely to buy from you.

Sprinkle in affiliate product links in your content when it seems natural and organic.

You don’t want your content to sound like a big old sales pitch!  Offer great value in the content you offer.  Give your audience what they came for.  Then, make some friendly suggestions!

Connect and build an audience

Your goal should NOT be to make a bunch of one-time purchases from people that visit you and never come back.  it is hard to sustain a thriving business online like that!

Imagine if you owned a restaurant, and the only customers that visited would be new ones that would never come back.  That wouldn’t last very long, would it?

Here are the best ways to build and nurture an audience:

  • Frequently updated, fresh content- try to develop a comfortable schedule to produce new content
  • Encourage feedback- enable your audience to feel connected to you!  Allow them the freedom to ask questions, provide comments, etc.  this helps you learn more about your audience, and can be used for future content ideas.  enable comments on posts, and prominently display your contact details.
  • Build an email list- Perhaps one of the most important parts of building an audience!  Give away a newsletter, free report, or even a physical product, and ask people to subscribe to your email list.  This list will be full of people who have already proven their interest in your content.  This makes it easier to update them on fresh content, and even easier to build trust and promote products.

Build a niche website today!

I hope this little article provides some insight that will help you along the way!  I don’t pretend to know everything, so any feedback you can add will be great!

My main suggestion is to stick with tried and true methods, rather than “shiny objects” and “get rich quick” stuff that never works.

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Happy site building!!!!

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  • Jesse Lee

    There is so much helpful information in this post!
    The information here is particularly helpful for getting started efficiently and effectively.
    Content is king and finding a way to consistently write great content is going to be very important for the success of your website.
    You break down how to pick a niche very well.
    I had a niche idea at first that I was passionate about but it turned out to not be very lucrative after doing some key research.
    Picking a niche that you want to talk about a lot but is also profitable is important.
    Thanks for providing all this useful information!

  • Thanks for the informative post. I will be reviewing your site now for information on websites.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Finding the “right” niche can be hard sometime, but it is not only about the right one. Like you said, when you are interested in a niche and you have stuff to write about, it really helps to build an awesome website/business! Having great tools to build it is also really helpful (like jaaxy and WordPress).

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us 🙂


  • Eliza

    I was thinking to build something like this but couldn’t figure out where to start. Now I can follow your article and start with the Research.
    How much WordPress website costs? I’m hopeless in this.

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