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Juicy tips for building solid Amazon affiliate websites

amazon affiliate websites

Affiliate marketing will be worth $10 billion by 2021!! So you want to run Amazon affiliate websites?  You’re not alone!  Perhaps the most popular strategy, it can be very successful if done correctly.  Thinking outside the box will go a long way! In this current “ocean” of Amazon affiliate websites, doing things to set yourself apart from others is key.  Review sites have been done to death, and they usually fade into oblivion if they don’t contain […]

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Copywriting skills that pay the bills

copywriting skills

Writing great content is the most important factor in building a niche site. This article will explore the function of good copywriting skills, and we’ll slide some great tips and reminders in as well! Let’s Settle the Great Debate over Copywriting Skills   Writers often argue about whether some short sales copy with lots of white space is preferred,  or whether a long and detailed advertisement is the best way to go.  To be honest, both are […]

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Build a Niche Website: the Quick Starter Guide

build a niche website

Ok, here we are.  You have made the decision to build a niche website.  But how?  Here’s a quick guide that should provide some good tips on how to begin. Although there are many different scenarios for building a niche site, we- as always- focus mainly on content-driven websites that monetize through affiliate products. Build a niche website:  Pick a niche The first step is find niches that you want to target.  Brainstorm some ideas, usually based […]

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