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The Short List of Only the Best Online Entrepreneur Programs

online entrepreneur programs

So……you want to start a business online, huh?  Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the internet brings even the common man the opportunity to build a business, without a whole lot of money. Getting started with the basics doesn’t require a whole lot of money, and the payoff can be enormous. The bad news:  the online world is a vastly different place than it was, say, 15 years ago.  Competition […]

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Social Media Marketing: Win and Grow Your Brand

social media marketing

It’s no secret that social media marketing is becoming a crucial piece to any website marketing strategy.  We’ll cover some tips in some unique ways that we feel will set you apart and give you a sharp edge in the congested and fast-paced social media landscape. Social media marketing: the good and the bad The good: social media marketing is instant The bad:  social media marketing is instant If you build an audience through posts, or even […]

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Hot Niche Markets: Targeting a Winner this year….and Beyond

hot niche markets: targeting a winner this year and beyond

  Hot Niche Markets Targeting the hot niche markets is Step #1 in building a great business online!  Here are current trends that will give you a fantastic start.  Oh, and these hot niche markets will be burning with opportunity for years!!! Knowing the hot niches to market is especially important to build a career online. Everyday, there’s chatter about the ‘next big thing” in earning money online. No doubt, there are always some new ideas floating […]

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Finding a Mentor to Find Your Niche

find a mentor

Selecting a great niche is arguably the most important aspect of succeeding in an eCommerce business for us “small guys”.  Finding a mentor to help with your niche can be one of the smartest moves you ever make! Finding a mentor can have a multitude of benefits.  You may find yourself asking “Why leave this to chance”? The wrong product mix can leave you trying to sell stuff that no one buys. You may also find a […]

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21 Breakthrough Tricks for great website content ideas

website content ideas

21 methods for finding website content ideas   Website content ideas can seem boundless once you fall in love with a niche idea. Most people choose their initial niche choice based on topics they already treasure. At some point, however, your “spark” fades, and that endless sea of ideas dries up. When that happens, we have some little tips to launch some new website content ideas! Here are 21 avenues that will help you recapture that abundance […]

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Storytelling Marketing: The timeless Art that will Build Your Brand

storytelling marketing

Since the beginning of time, people have exchanged ideas, hopes and dreams through storytelling.  Weaving stories has enabled humans to connect with the past and fantasize about the future. Storytelling can be an extremely powerful part of a marketing strategy. Storytelling marketing can be the engine behind developing and establishing a brand identity that resonates with your target audience. The story you tell,and the way you tell it throughout your marketing efforts, will be founded on your […]

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Online Marketing Mistakes: Are you “All that” or “falling flat”??

online marketing mistakes

  Content is,  and should forever be, the driving force behind your business. Essentially, it’s what steers traffic to you – meaning, you don’t have to go out and hunt down customers; instead they come to you. You have likely heard that “Content is King”, a phrase that rings especially true when talking online marketing. Our world is flooded with technology and the gadgets it creates, and as such, we’ve become accustomed to getting what we want, […]

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What is content in marketing? An overview of why it matters

what is content in marketing

If you have ever Googled “what is content in marketing“, you’ve come to the right place!  This comprehensive guide will answer the role that content plays in awesome marketing and much more! What Is content in Marketing?  A brief background The question of “what is content in marketing?” is usually asked by those trying to understand content marketing.  This guide will dive into the benefits of content marketing first. Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves […]

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Finding Your Niche: The Super Guide

finding your niche

Finding a niche full of opportunity and then creating content, products, and services for that niche, is one of the best ways to build a solid foundation for a successful online business. Finding a lucrative niche, and becoming an authority in that niche, is also the best way to achieve the level of success and the kind of profits that most online business owners need to make their daily efforts worthwhile. However, It can be incredibly easy […]

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Motivation for entrepreneurs: 20 fresh tips

entrepreneur motivation

As you grind through your day to day, building and honing your niche ideas into a formidable business, you may find yourself, at times, facing a frustrating crossroads.  It is here that we offer some motivation for entrepreneurs! The following is a compilation of motivational tips for the entrepreneurs who are afraid of starting or moving on with their online projects. 1. Defeat Failure phobia Online business entrepreneurs should know that no business ever started without taking […]

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