Cats Niche Market (Game Plan)

Our Cats Niche market guide is a little snapshot of this popular niche!

cats niche marketPeople love their cats, and you can focus a site dedicated to cat care, while touting cat
products that help them live happy lives!
There are many different angles to target with a niche such as this, but concentrating on
an underdeveloped area will allow you to grow in your own category.
Build relationships with other cat owners within your site. Provide a more interactive
experience than the larger cat sites can afford.

According to USA Today, cat owners spend an average of $915 per year on their furry friends.  According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry is valued at $75 billion currently, with cats taking up a large chunk of that pie!

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TOP JAAXY KEYWORDS for the Cats Niche Market

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cats niche market keywords













Cats Niche Market different angles

cat health
• cat training
• cat leisure and play
• specific cat problems
• cat breeds

Cats Niche Markets Content Suggestions

  • 14 Days To A Better CAT (cat training/obedience tips)
    • Here’s some Quick Ways To Solve Problems with CATS
    • How To Deal With Very Bad CATS
    • Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind CATS?
    • 9 Ridiculous Facts About CATS
    • OMG! The Best CAT pics Ever!
    • 101 Ideas For CATS entertainment


Final thoughts on the Cats Niche Market

As you can see, the cats niche is huge, and can be pursued in a variety of ways.  If you are passionate about cats, let your expertise shine through in your content.

Connect and engage with other cat owners to build trust and foster frequent visits to your site.  Offer product recommendations that mesh well with your content, and suggest these products in context.

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