These College Affiliate Programs will help your site make the grade!

If you’re searching for some quality college affiliate programs for your new site, we’ve got you covered!

In addition to an audience hungry for information and options on colleges in general, the rise of college classes and degrees online is staggering!  According to a survey taken by the Babsen Survey research group, an estimated 33% of college students take at least one course online.

In the near future, nearly one-third of all students will be taking classes exclusively online!

Right now, approximately 29% of online students are pursuing an Associate’s Degree,
while a whopping 42% are pursuing their B.A. These figures are rounded by another
29% earning their Master’s, followed by 3% seeking a Doctorate.

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These college affiliate programs will give your site the “book smarts” it needs!


Help students study and pass the SAT and PSAT!  This service offers training insights, test prep questions, and much more.

The higher the scores, the more opportunities open up for college admissions and scholarships.

The company is BBB accredited and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Affiliates earn 20% commissions with 30 day cookies!

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Self-proclaimed “scholarship Mom” who wrote a book on how to find and get scholarship money!  Financial considerations are a critical piece to the college puzzle, as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of Google searches in this category every month.

She offers 25% commission on her book.

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Robust college search site that pairs students interests and degree aspirations with local and online colleges.  This allows them to hone in on the education option that will best suit them quicker and more efficiently.

While their list is not extensive, it offers details on hundreds of schools, and their TOS states that they never submit the student’s information to general databases.

They offer a very generous $26.25 per lead, which can really add up quick!

They are managed through OfferVault (affiliate network)


Note:  Although most colleges and universities don’t offer affiliate programs at this time, your content on each featured school would draw in an audience eager for your recommendations, and ready to explore the options above!

In addition, there are online career courses, training, and certifications- like the ones listed below- that offer affiliate programs.  These programs may be a great alternative to traditional college courses for certain people, so don’t forget about them!


Tons and tons of specialized training courses in a lot of disciplines.  Their website states that they have served over 500,000 students, they have over 120 courses, and these courses have been consumed by people in over 139 nations!

Their affiliate program offers commissions from 20% to 50%, depending on sales volume.

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Tons of tech training, from PMP, Machine learning, Cyber Security, and much more!  This is industry-leading training sought by companies such as Amazon, Visa, and Pepsi.  They have won a ton of online learning awards.

According to the affiliate page, you can earn as much as $290 per transaction, which equates to 10% commission of typical training purchases.  They offer a 30 day cookie.

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