Top 16 Craft Business Ideas: Sew, knit, and carve your future!!

craft niche ideasCreate a niche with your stitch!  This list of the hottest craft business ideas will help you pick the right pattern to create a comfy quilt of a business!

People are passionate about crafting, and you can use your expertise to show them content full of ideas, plans, and how-to’s.

Let your Crafty self shine through!!

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Our List of HOT Craft Business Ideas….no applause, please!!

Art-  A huge niche idea!  Art comes in a lot of forms, and your site can show a bit about each method.

Basket making-  Educate your visitors in this great craft idea.  Teach the basics of simple design, and show more advanced concepts as you go along.

 Button making-  Creating eye catching buttons for business and personal use is simple and makes great content!

Candle making-  Making candles is a very popular craft idea.  Teach the basics and link to supplies.

Calligraphy-  This beautiful style handwriting is popular for wedding and formal gatherings. Teach the simple basics of the artful text.

Ceramics and pottery-  An opportunity for a big site of all the various concepts and designs.  There are many skills to learn within these two options, so creating a big and informative site shouldn’t be too hard.

Clock making-  The time honored tradition of clock making can be satisfying and, for some, profitable.  Teach everything from simple designs to complex.

Crochet-  Lots of opportunity here to build and connect with a dedicated audience.  Again, the basics always work, but more advanced skills and user submitted projects would be great here.

Embroidery-  Any needle based craft are going to speak to a targeted, very involved, audience.  Gain their trust and support through great content and engagement.

Engraving-  Using some engraving tools and a little insight from you, folks can create beautiful works of art!

Jewelry making-  Lots of different content ideas here to help the visitor explore.  This can be  a potentially huge site with lots of ideas.

Knitting-  Another very concentrated and loyal fan base to connect with.  Newbies will learn the ropes with your outstanding content.

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Leatherworking-  Teach the basics and inform your users about this time honored skill.

Quilting-  Use this niche idea as a standalone idea, or combine with other fabric crafts (knitting, sewing, crochet, etc.) for a huge crafty site!

Sewing-  People learn the basics of sewing for pleasure or necessity , and you can teach the newcomer the basics.

Toy making-  You don’t have to be one of Santa’s elves to make toys!  Lots of simple toys can be made, and it is educational and exploratory as well.

It takes a lot of patches to build a quilt of success!!

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  • Alice

    My stepmom is a hell of a knitter. She makes something in every couple of weeks. And they look great. Its something we almost took granted and forgot its a talent until i read your post. Shared your post with my dad. Planning to build her a YT channel in coming Xmas.

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