These credit affiliate programs will give your site more bang for your buck!

credit affiliate programsGrab this list of credit affiliate programs if you are dreaming of a solid finance or money-related site!

Personal finance, credit repair, and personal loans are huge niche areas online.  The following list is just a sample of some of the many companies that offer affiliate programs in this niche.

Money makes the world go ’round, so any niche dealing with finance or money in general is going to be super-competitive.  That competition also means -if you do it right- huge traffic and profit potential in this area!

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Credit Affiliate Programs to fill out that finance niche site!

upstart credit affiliate programs


One of the most popular loan platforms online, Upstart offers many different types of loans in a variety of dollar amounts, usually with terms that beat the banks.

Upstart offers loans in amounts ranging from $1000-$50,000 with repayment lengths from 3-5 years.

The Upstart affiliate program is currently managed by Commission Junction.  The company is well-known for their dedicated affiliate team, a fact that is very valuable to webmasters trying to develop a solid working relationship.

Their affiliate terms are also very good, and can include bonuses for high performers!

Their base terms for affiliates can add up quick- $100 per funded loan, and a 45 day cookie!

affiliate link- 

upgrade credit affiliate programs


A simple approach (one page sign up and loan decisions in seconds) has created a buzz online with prospective borrowers.

Loans range in the neighborhood of up to $50,000 and repayment options top out at about 36 months.

Their affiliate program is VERY enticing, to say the least!  For submitted loan applications (regardless of whether the loan is approved or not), affiliates earn $75!  The cookie for this transaction lasts 30 days.

The Upgrade affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius.


sofi affiliate program


SoFi allows you to earn commissions based on loan originations and referrals, making this program a two-pronged approach to monetization.

they specialize in debt consolidation and student debt, both of which can be a niche site concept on their own.

Within a 30 day cookie window, you have to opportunity to earn $100 per funded personal loan, and $150 per funded student loan.

Their referral program provides you with a unique ID link tat you can use in a variety of ways, and earn a few bucks when friends and family click through and show interest in various financial products.

affiliate link-


personalloans affiliate program


Offering small and larger personal loans in an easy approval environment (some, however, with high interest rates), this company generates a lot of traffic.  This site operates on behalf of a variety of loan companies, serving as a clearinghouse for loan products.

Many people are in need of faster turn-arounds for loan products, and PersonaLoans does just that.

They offer $110 per lead ($120 each after crossing a threshold of 100 leads) and a 45 day cookie.

PersonalLoans affiliate program is managed by


lead network affiliate program


Lead network is another aggregator of financial products, as they boast affiliations with over 300 companies.

They have aggregated more than 300 direct lenders who can approve loan applications from customers, including those with a bad credit history and/or current outstanding loans, this allows us to sell the maximum number of applications we receive from you.

Their commission structure is generous, offering earnings on referrals as well as funded loans.

affiliate link-

kabbage affiliate program


If your site niche deals with business start-ups, a partnership with Kabbage might make a lot of sense.  They specialize in small business funding, providing vital working capital to growing businesses.

Their commission structure offers up to $250 per qualified lead.

affiliate link-

As you may have already guesses, there a vast array of niche categories to explore within this field.

selling or promoting loan products may not be the easiest promotion to gain traction with, but it pays very well if you can start getting referral traffic.

Best case scenario is to pair your offers with sage advice of personal finances, build high trust with your audience, and then utilize that trust to recommend solid products that meet their needs.


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