Top 26 Dating Niche Ideas: Write your own LOVE song with a business

dating niche ideas
Give yourself-and others- some love with these top ranking dating niche ideas!

Nothing spells big business like affairs of the heart.  This list of kiss-worthy dating and relationship business niches are sure to put a flutter in your heart.

Puppy love, crushes, and full time squeezes are a multi-billion dollar industry.  Take the search for soul mates to a whole new level.

LOVE is in the air!  Help people find it online

Millions of people search online everyday for their next relationship.  There are tons of niches in this industry, and loads of opportunity awaits.

The list below will point you-like cupid’s arrow- to your next love connection.  But this list is only the beginning.

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Find your true love with this list of Dating niche ideas!!

Here’s some snippets of the best dating niche ideas!  Keep in mind that a lot of these ideas are taken from real search results, and we merely feature some of the most popular.

Best Dating Sites-  A compilation, with reviews and ratings, of the best dating sites around.

Christian Dating-  Specifically target a certain niche of daters online.  Lots of targeted Christian dating topics to discuss here.

Christian Marriage Advice-  When a marriage breaks down, you can provide resources and content to help get it back on track.

Dating after Divorce-  Create content that specifically speaks to adults getting back into the dating game after a divorce.

dating niche ideasa) Dating Asian Women-  Target cultural understanding, and provide resources for those interested in dating women of Asian descent.

b) Dating Brazilian Women-  Understanding the differences and similarities between cultures would make great content here.

c) Dating Latina Women-  Provide resources and links to websites that feature Latina women.  Create content that helps men get noticed and attract women of the Latin persuasion.

d) Dating Russian Women-  Let’s face it, all the niche ideas that feature women from different cultures would feature similar styled content.  They could also be combined to a larger site featuring content tailored to each individual ethnicity.

e) Dating Thai Women

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Disabled Dating-  There are specific needs and concerns when there is a disability in a relationship.  Tackle some of these topics and help people meet.

Divorce-  Dealing with divorce can be very complex.  Lots of views and angles here for very informative content.  Links well with legal resources and counseling services.

Female Pick Up-  Teach guys the art of communicating and attracting females!

Get Ex Back-  A very popular niche idea right now.  Lots of content ideas here, and links to books on the subject.

Interracial Dating-  Dating between races has its’ own concerns and triumphs. Help people connect with each other.

Jewish Dating-  Any type of difference in religious background may present some challenges.  Help people understand each other and connect better.

Marriage Help-  When a marriage could use some guidance, provide some healing content and provide resources to qualified help.

Older men/Younger women-  Discuss the differences and similarities between people of different ages

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Pick up lines-  Help people break the ice with lots of quick hitting pick up lines.  Goes well with affiliate links to dating advice books.

Relationship problems-  Every relationship has its’ share of issues, and you can provide some help in many different areas.

Romance on a budget-  Design a site that gives a bunch of ideas on staging romantic evenings and getaways on the cheap.

Romantic Ideas-  A quick ideas site that would contain lists and descriptions of many different ideas for romance.

Seduction-  Ah, the art of seduction, with all its’ varied complexities!  Dig deep into this age-old mystery!

Senior Dating-  Help older single adults find and connect with each other.  Topics can include such specific categories as dating after divorce, dating someone with older kids, etc.  The key is targeting the specific needs and concerns that older adults face when dating.

Single Parent Dating-  You can target both the person dating a single person as well as the single parent who is getting back into dating.  Both sides, to build a successful relationship, provide you a wealth of content ideas.

Wedding planning-  A huge Mega site niche idea!  You can target specific parts of the wedding planning process, or cover it from top to bottom!

Wedding speeches-  A mini-site ideas that would list some of the best, most heart-felt speech ideas.

Building true Love takes time and work…dating niche ideas do, too!

Targeting one of these dating niche ideas is just the first step of many towards building a success online.  You will need a lot of resources along the way to truly create a site that people fall in LOVE with.

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