Top 25 DIY Business Ideas: Build, craft, and mold your way to success!!

diy niche ideasIf you have a passion for craftiness, or do it yourself projects, you can help others learn with this collection of DIY business Ideas.

Turbo charge your website with a high-octane blend of information and research.  Parts, supplies, and equipment all provide great money making items to promote within your content.

Every project needs the BEST Toolbox!!

Once you’ve decided on the blueprint for your great diy business ideas, you will need a whole construction crew of help.  It’s time to do an overhaul of your current thinking, and build the website of your dreams!

To help provide the nuts and bolts of your DIY niche ideas, we offer the EPIC Niche SnapShot.  This fantastic guide is your 100% FREE, and is full of over a hundred niche ideas, including many shown here.

This guide provides a snapshot of each niche.  Overview, keywords, content suggestions, and related affiliate programs are covered.  It’s like a contractor in a box!

Let’s go to the hardware store with THIS list!

Auto Repair-  Teach basic auto repair for those that prefer to learn and do at home.  Lots of categories to explore here.

Bird House plans-  A simple site that would show instructions for building bird houses.  Ties in well with affiliates programs for cameras and other bird watching items.

Build/Fix a computer-  Another great idea with lots of categories to build content around.  Just like with auto repair, show lots and lots of pictures or videos as you demonstrate!

Build a shed-  Simple and cheap shed designs would definitely get some attention.

Build a deck-  Everyone would love a new deck,, and you can offer simple and advanced designs.

Build a house-  For those that would go that far, you can provide the nuts and bolts of how to build a house.  This is a mega-site full of exciting content options!

Carpentry-  Teach others the basic skills of carpentry.

Children’s playhouse plans-  Provide blueprints and graphic instructions for a variety of fun designs.

Closet organizers-  Show people how to build a variety of closet organizers, then give them tips and hints to keep things tidy.

Dog House plans-  Help people build the doghouse of their dreams!

Carve your DIY business ideas out right here (click here)!

Family bunker plans-  More and more families are building bunkers for safety.  Show designs and teach methods of building a fortified area.

Furniture building plans-  Teach basic and advanced furniture design skills.

Greenhouse plans-  Teach your visitors the basics and principles of building productive green houses.

Home Improvement-  Lots of great categories to showcase.  Whether it is large projects or simple fixes, the sky is the limit.

Horticulture-  Educate users on the basics of plant care.  Teach everyone to have that green thumb!

Kitchen Design/Plans-  Upgrading or remodeling a kitchen can take a lot of work, and involve a lot of different projects.  Cover everything from changing color schemes to a total remodel.

Lawn Care/Landscaping-  Help others learn how to care for their lawns and make their property the envy of the neighborhood!

Lawn mower repair-  Basics of lawn mower troubleshooting and repair can be helpful as a side job or handy man knowledge to save money and time!

Lawn mower reviews-  Provide quality reviews of all types of personal lawnmowers, from push mowers to zero-turns.  Link to many of the best rated mowers to earn affiliate commissions.

Metalworking-  Teach the basics of metalworking for beginners.

Power tools reviews-  Compile a list of the best power tools, describe the pros and cons, provide reviews, then link to some of the best.

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Solar energy-  A huge push is on to convert to solar energy.  Be on the forefront of this exciting power supply by teaching and showing the basics of converting houses and living spaces to solar power.

Tiny houses-  These houses are huge (pun intended) business these days!  Provide plans, accept user submitted content, and connect with a growing “lifestyle” community.

Tools-  Provide descriptions and uses for a wide range of tools for a wide range of projects.

Woodworking-  Teach some basic woodworking skills, and progress into more advanced ideas.

Build a better business online with your DIY niche ideas

Constructing anything takes several parts, all coming together to build something magnificent.  Your business is no different.

You’ll need instruction, keyword research, a reliable hosting platform, and constant feedback to give yourself the best chance for success.

It would be nice to have all this and much more under one roof, and for one low price.  That’s what I have found with Wealthy Affiliates.

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Anyway, in addition to this strong recommendation, I urge you to leave some quality feedback below.  It is my hope that others will benefit by all of us leaving some helpful stuff behind.







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