9 Hot Education Niche Ideas: Graduate with Honors!

education niche ideasSummon up your inner professor by providing educational resources with this small but powerful list of 9 education niche ideas.

School is in session, and we’ll help you graduate t the head of the class with some info on each of the education niche ideas listed below.

Education Online is BOOMING!!

The idea of online education used to be in the back of the class, but advances in tech and our fast paced world have made this option viable.  Today, there are literally scores of A+ education resources available online.

Crack open the Books!!

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education niche ideas 2Top 9 Education Niche Ideas

College Scholarships- Helping prospective students find money to fund their educational pursuits is big business!  Strike affiliate deals with some of the top scholarship and grant institutions. You can also throw together a guide that explains the application process.

Branch out into information about financial aid and other financial instruments for college funding, and you have a well rounded college money site!

Computer programming-  This world we live in is driven by computer power.  There is always high interest in the field of computer programming.  You could rank the best programs for learning this skill, and link to schools that offer stellar training.

You could also teach certain computer programming skills, provided you have this skill.

Kid’s learning- Provide resources to help children learn important skills!  Reading and math games and skills tests, peppered with affiliate programs that can further the learning, will provide a great recipe for success.

You can also provide reviews of the best websites out there for kid’s education.  Help parents and children begin their wonderful education journey!

College student hall-  A great new idea!  Provide a destination for fun and information to help the college student.  You can be sort of a de facto dorm mom or dad to a world of students.

Focus on the specific needs of student life.  Everything from credit, time management, to doing laundry, will all be new to many new students.  These young adults are out in the world for the first time, and they are looking for tips and hints to balance life and school.

Home schooling-  There is a spike in parents interested in home schooling their children. and you can provide resources to help them.  Listings of top programs, content designed to help them along the way, and reviews of the various schools can all be valuable.

If you are a parent that is home schooling, this would be great content!  Many parents just diving into this may be interested in learning how day to day life runs in a home school environment.  Sounds like juicy blog content to me!!

Let’s take a study break………OK, back to work!!

Study guides- Students are always looking for an edge to help them.  Cliff Notes, anyone?  This is a niche area ripe for an Amazon affiliate program.  Break down and provide backgrounds on a variety of subjects, then offer a corresponding guide from the mega-retailer.  This could be a recipe for success!

Learn Spanish- Learning Spanish is the most popular second language in the US.  It is a vital skill to have in order to communicate and, in some cases, might be the difference in landing certain jobs.

There is a lot of content ideas around such a large subject.  You can teach some Spanish language skills on your site, provide reviews of the top programs for learning, etc.

Remember, people have a number of reasons for learning Spanish.  It could be for college credit, job advancement, or just for fun.  Aim your site to provide content directed at all, or cut down into one of these sub-categories.

Professional education-  Provide specific content designed for the student interested in professional fields such as medicine, law, and science.

There are a variety of subcategories and fields of study within each of these career fields.  Each of these presents great content ideas.

Reviews of schools would be of great importance to students pursuing this career path.  Since most of this type of education would be real world and not online, community information about each prospective school would be valuable.

Online learning-  The biggest category of interest for many, this category also has a wealth of competition.  Creating a unique way to communicate with your audience is crucial here!

Reviews of schools, content about majors and degree programs, study tips for the online college student, etc. all are great content ideas.

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