Focus on Wellness with these Self Help Affiliate Programs

self help affiliate programsPersonal development is a HUGE niche online, and this list of self help affiliate programs would fit nicely into any personal growth site.

According to, the personal development industry will grow to $13 billion by 2022.

If you don’t already have some ideas of your own, check out our article that list some pretty great ones.

Self Help affiliate programs add value to your message

People all over the world are striving to be a better version of themselves, and that explains the growth in this industry.

In addition, people are also looking for solutions to problems, and that’s where your own voice and guidance could come in handy.

If you check out the article, you will see many suggestions for niche ideas, all which have validity and value to certain audiences.

your job will be to create outstanding content, while directing them to companies and products that can help them achieve their wellness goals.

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Some of the best self help affiliate programs

tony robbins affiliate program



Tony Robbins

Perhaps the ‘holy grail” of self help gurus, Tony Robbins has amassed an impressive track record for more than 30 years.

Millions of people, from all walks of life, have attended his seminars and workshops, read his books, and purchased his training.

This is outstanding brand recognition as you build an affiliate portfolio!

His affiliate program covers sales of all of his products and services, offering 15% commission and 45 day cookies- plus the brand recognition of an industry giant!

affiliate link-



i need motivation affiliate program



With a catalog of over 650 courses, covering subjects like weight loss, smoking, addictions, meditation, etc, I Need Motivation is an outstanding one-stop-shop for personal development..

The affiliate promotional package they offer allows you to link directly to certain categories and courses-or the home page- so that you can laser target your audience to the niche you are promoting.

The affiliate program is very good, offering up to 50% and a 50 year (yes, you heard that right!) cookie, which is unheard of.

Here’s a blurb from their affiliate page which explains a bit more detail:

Your visitors are YOUR customers , no matter when or how they make a purchase. It doesn’t matter how buyers pay (they can pay via a credit card, paypal, google checkout, even by mail, phone, or fax) you will be credited for the sale! Also, even if visitors don’t buy right away and up buying later on, you will still be credited for the sale due to our extended cookie (50 years) & IP log settings (we manually verify all sales via IP). This is also extremely useful for repeat buyers, which consists of more than 40% of our business.

affiliate link:


real subliminal affiliate program




Real subliminal

Real Subliminal has the largest catalog of personal development CD’s and MP3’s.  They are one of the industry leaders, with products that focus on learning while in a hypnotic-like state.

The company has been around for a long time, and they have a listing of testimonials and scientific research to back up their products, and put potential customers at ease.  Even more so, they offer a lifetime guarantee of their products, allowing customers to return their purchase if they feel they didn’t get the transformative results they were seeking.  This really is an unheard of guarantee, but the more astounding fact (and one you should be elated by) is that their refund rate is very low!

Their affiliate program offers lifetime cookie and 35% commission on sales that average in the $50 range.

affiliate link:

greater minds affiliate program


Greater Minds

The team at Greater Minds works with some of the world’s leading personal growth experts and authors to help share their message on transformative education.

They have a number of learning communities, which combined, connects with more than 7 million people! Their social media is regularly seen by over 100 million people monthly.

Under the Greater Minds umbrella, they host several communities of learning, such as the largest Law of Attraction community in the world!

Their affiliate program offers a host of benefits, including: 50% commission for the lifetime of that customer, FaceBook and Google re-targeting, and competitions and bonuses.

affiliate link:


mind valley affiliate program




Mind Valley

Mind Valley is a learning platform comprised of online courses, software, services, and programs designed to improve ones quality of life.  many of these courses deal with positive energy, setting and achieving goals, and just about anything having to do with self improvement;

Their affiliate program is modest (30% commission and 30 day cookies), but they have a large following and the occupy a niche that is growing fast.  They seem poised for the future, with a very robust website and learning program!

They have a robust set of benefits available for their affiliates, including:

  • Average order of over $300
  • Dedicated success managers
  • Re-targeting campaigns

affiliate link:


As you can see, there is a  lot of activity in this niche and a whole lot of room for growth!  The self help niche can be broad or narrow, and offers opportunity for all of us!  Good luck in your pursuits!


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