Top 26 Food Niche Ideas: Cook up a Delicious Business Today!

food niche ideasCook up a yummy internet business with our list of the hottest food niche ideas!  We’ll show you what’s on the menu below, plus the best ingredients to create a blue-ribbon winning recipe for your business!

Bake some great ideas into your recipe!

The secret really is in the sauce, and our list is designed to deliver great ideas for you to chew on.

Once you’ve decided on some tasty food niche ideas to prepare, you want more ingredients to produce a winning dish.  We have reservations ready for you to feast on more niche-specific ideas.

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OK…The appetizer is over, let’s get to the Entree!!

Asian Cooking-  An overview of the specific techniques, tools, and recipes that encompass Asian cooking would be in great demand.

There are many different facets and styles to Asian cooking.  Your site could focus on one or several to increase your depth.

Cooking utensils and cookbooks would be great items to sell from a blog of this type.

Baking-  Both a skill and an art, baking can rise into a great business opportunity!

Recipes, techniques, and coverage of different methods all provide your visitors with great content.

BBQing- Grilling is more than cooking, it’s a passion and pastime for many!  A light-hearted teaching method of techniques would go great here.  Content could involve pics and tips from grill experts all over the world.  There are competitions and clubs devoted to this cooking style, and you can tap into this.

Grills would be the big ticket items here to promote as an affiliate, with many of them commanding large price tags.

Bread Recipes-  Bread making is growing in popularity, and you can be the go-to source for all things bread!

There are tons of bread recipes you can provide as content.  This type of niche can turn into a real community, growing fans as you go along.

Appliances and bread making supplies,including bread mixes, would be great products to promote.

Breakfast Recipes-  Breakfast is a great little niche to target!  Serve your site over-easy with recipes for all types of food, juices, healthy breakfast ideas, and much more.

British Recipes-  While almost any type of ethnic food is a good niche to target, perhaps one of the most overlooked is English food.  You can blaze a trail with recipes, cooking methods, and more.

Cajun Recipes-  Jambalaya, Creole, Gumbo….you name it, Cajun food is HOT!

Focus on regional cooking methods, perhaps provide historical content, and ask for feedback from other Cajun food fans.

Coffee-  There are many facets of the coffee niche.  Brew up a great business right from home!

Content choices can be on different types of coffee, coffee news, appliances, and so much more.

This is a huge niche with a lot of sub-categories.

Cooking for busy people-  Focus on Quick hitting recipes that allow busy families to still eat healthy, home cooked meals!

Appliances that speed up the cooking process or make it easier would be great sales items.

Recipes, techniques, short cuts, and hints would be valuable content ideas for the busy family!

Cooking for one-  One is the loneliest number, but it doesn’t have to be the hungriest!  Recipes the are built for one, appliances and cooking tools that are easy to maintain, etc. are all great content ideas.

Surround these concepts with some other “single” based content, and built a sense of community.

Cocktail Recipes-  Have a drink on me! You can be the online bartender that everyone goes to!

There are thousands of drink recipes, and new twists on old favorites make the combinations countless.

Glassware, bartender and home bar supplies,and recipes all round out your little niche site!

Crock pot Recipes-  The crock pot has re-emerged as one the most important cooking appliances for busy families.  Provide recipes, reviews of different models, and “busy family” content to keep your guests coming back!

Dip Recipes/Party Food-  Party planning is all the rage!  Recipes, party supplies, and more all tie into this niche.  It is a food niche that is growing very fast.

All things “party” tie into this idea, so it is a  great and expansive category.

You can divide sections into different theme parties and different holidays.  Don’t forget Super Bowl- it is almost a national holiday anymore!

grilling niche ideas

“Bake, Cook, and Grill your way to food niche success!”

Grilling Recipes-  Cover different cooking methods and styles of grilling with this popular niche area.

Regional cooking (Texas-style, Kansas City-style, etc.) is a great niche area to cover.

Grilling set ups, provided by users, could expand your content offerings.

Healthy Food Recipes-  Concentrate on you!  With healthy food recipes, you can expand content into all areas concerned with personal health.

Hot Sauce- Hot sauces are most than just a condiment, they are a way of life for many.  Different recipes, competitions, and conventions are all a part of these food niche ideas.

Find some of the most eclectic hot sauces, strike up some affiliate deals, and use these to spice up your site!

Indian Recipes-  Indian food niche ideas are gaining in popularity, as more and more people are discovering this fantastic cuisine.

Recipes, cooking methods, and specific cooking tools are all good products to promote within your content.

Jerky Recipes-  Dehydrate yourself to success!  Making jerky is a great food niche idea that is growing.

People love jerky for the taste, nutrition, and convenience, but it is also a hobby to some.

Equipment such as dehydrators and jerky recipes would make fantastic content.

Juicing-  Whether for health or convenience, people are turning to juicing to provide nutrition in a power packed drink.  Making your own is also a lot better than store bought, and there is a whole industry that has risen up from this.

Focus on recipes and reviews of juicers, and tie this in to product recommendations to monetize your juicing niche ideas!

Ketosis Cookbook-  Dieters that have embraced this style are growing and reporting great health benefits, so a ketosis niche idea can be big business!

Recipes and a community style website designed to “meet and greet” like-minded people, would be great ideas out your site.

Mediterranean Diet-  One of the more popular, yet still under the radar, food niche ideas that focuses on a certain diet.

Recipes, lifestyle.and user feedback all give your site the “lean and mean” edge you are looking for.

hot sauce niche ideas“Create food niche ideas that sizzle”

Mexican Cooking-  Create a “fiesta” with a great Mexican food niche!

Lots of great recipes, different styles of cooking, are all ripe ideas for a foodie site such as this.

This site can promote party supplies as well, as a lot of people love to stage get-togethers over a Mexican feast!

Smoking Meats-  A food niche idea that is also a passion and hobby for a lot of people.

Smokers and smoking equipment are great, high-ticket items to promote and possibly provide reviews.

Restaurant (Copycat ) Recipes-  This food niche idea is popular, but a bit narrow.  People share a bounty of copycat recipes all over the web.

Expand this concept with closely related content and product recommendations, and set yourself apart from the rest of the “copycats”!

Smoothies for weight loss-  There are literally thousands of smoothie recipes out there for content ideas!  Combine this with the passion that people feel when embarking on a weight loss plan, and you have the fuel for a great smoothie niche idea.

Vegan/Vegetarian-  Speak to a growing and focused niche! Recipes, food sources, and lifestyle content can all round out a great Vegan/Vegetarian niche site.

Your Food Niche Ideas need a 5 Star Chef to finish your business Recipe!

It takes a LOT of key ingredients to build success with your food niche ideas online.  You are going to need site building skills.  And marketing advice.  And someone to provide help and feedback.

You will need keywords and other research tools.  You need someone to guide you as you write content.

All of these ingredients-and many others involved in this process- can be pretty overwhelming.  We need as many of these ingredients in one mixing bowl.  Oh yeah, and we need it all pretty cheap!

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Have some great food niche ideas?

I invite you to share some of your experiences below, so that our community can keep growing and helping.  It will take work and networking to build a truly successful food niche website.

Keep working hard, and good luck!


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