Top 91 Health Niche Ideas: Just the Medicine you need!

health niche ideasThe doctor is in!  Get an injection of inspiration with these Health Niche Ideas.  The health niche is one of the largest fields on the Internet.

Develop one of the niches below with surgical precision, and help your users find the answers they are looking for.

The cure for the internet business blues is to take one of these health niche ideas, and call me in the morning!

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Hottest Health Niche Ideas

Acid Reflux-  An explanation of this condition, and solid advice on how to reduce the frustrating pain, would be great content.  You may want to offer  OTC, doctor prescribed, and holistic remedies.

Acne-  People of all ages suffer from acne, whether it be chronic or occasional.  This niche is wide open because there are a lot of myths and treatment options out there.

Activities for Seniors-  Populating a site with a listing of low-impact exercises for seniors can be very rewarding,

All sorts of activities can be covered here- not just exercise.  Offer breakdowns on games and other “hobby” type endeavors to keep minds and bodies active.

Addiction-  This is a wide open field in health niche ideas.  Addiction can be drugs and/or alcohol, and affect people of all ages and genders.

Straight-forward, no-nonsense content combined with a genuine compassion in your content, should be the order of the day here.

ADHD diet-  Those dealing with ADHD for themselves or a loved one can find dietary information on a site such as this, which may reduce symptoms of this condition.

Tie your content in with other content devoted to the study and treatment of ADHD.

Research your health niche ideas thoroughly

Atkins Diet-  Millions of people follow or are interested in the Atkins Diet.  Your site can offer tips, calculators, worksheets, and recipes for a Low-carb lifestyle.

Alcohol Addiction-  A site specifically dealing with alcoholism will require compassion and empathy, but will be very rewarding.  Suggesting meetings and treatment centers in one’s general area will be very helpful.

Alcoholics and addicts are searching the internet for solutions now more than ever, and they are looking for competent and solid information as they wrestle with their demons.   Your site, and encouragement, may offer a glimpse of hope.

Health niche ideas (continued…)

Allergies-  Millions of people suffer from allergies, ranging from mild and occasional to chronic.  There are opportunities for a wide range of content, from treatment options to lifestyle changes, that would flesh out a great site like this.

Alternative medicine-  The niche of alternative medicines are gaining a lot of steam these days.  People want choices instead of traditional doctors and drugs, and you can provide knowledge of what’s out there and available.

Anger management-  Help people work through their issues with anger so they can live better.  Lots of content on coping strategies, combined with recommendations on books and counseling.

Arthritis-  People suffering with forms of arthritis are constantly looking for solutions and treatments which may ease some of the pain and increase flexibility.

Asthma Remedies-  Over the counter, prescription, or holistic, people are searching for relief from everyday and chronic allergies.  Provide a ton of great content, especially on the subject of home remedies, essential oils, and much more.

Back Pain-  Provide insightful content on the subject of back pain, which can be complex.  There is lots of content options, given the variety of issues people can have with the back area.

Go in depth with coverage of your health niche ideas

Bad Breath-  Not a huge idea for a niche, but a surprising amount of people search for this.  Lots of options and treatments for this, so there should be ample content inspiration.

Beach Body-  Everybody wants to look sharp when the summer hits, and your site can provide both long-term and “quick fix” strategies for toning up.  Diets and exercise of all types would be great content ideas.

Beauty Tips-  Tips, hints, and hacks for achieving that “million dollar look”.

Best Workouts-  From extreme to sublime, reviews and go in-depth with  bunch of workout strategies.

Best Electronic Cigarette-  With the increase of these products, reviews and ratings would be good here.  In addition to there being a lot of brands and types of e-cigs out there, there is also a huge amount of juices for ratings and reviews.

Best Eye Cream-  Searches for this type of facial regimen are popular these days.  There are a lot of different options.  Ratings, reviews, and information about some of the most effective eye creams would be good here.  Links to some of the most popular products would bring in some cash for you as well.

Best Way to Lose Weight-  Reviews of various diets and strategies for weight loss, ranked.

Health Niche Ideas will continue to grow online!

Bipolar Disorder-  Help people get to the resources to solve this complex mental puzzle.

Body Building-  Help beginners wade through all the options available to the new bodybuilder.  Reviews of the best programs, links to products would get you noticed.

Boost Metabolism-  Mini-site idea for achieving weight loss goals.  Explain how diet and exercise can combine to boost metabolism.

Child Obesity-  Tackle a sensitive subject with compassionate and informative content.

Constipation-  Another embarrassing subject that works well with content online and in the privacy of one’s home.  Tips, hints, treatments, all done with sensitivity and care.

Crohn’s Disease-  Dealing with Crohn’s disease can be challenging.  Offer content filled with sage advice and hope.

Depression-  Big niche area with a lot of options to explore.  There are lots of help available for the person dealing with depression.

Detoxification-  A very popular subject matter!  Help people weed through the good and bad of all the detox programs out there.

Diabetes-  A potentially huge mega-site, there are millions of people who suffer with diabetes.

Your site could expand to feature everything from treatment options to lifestyle choices.

Your goal here should be to build a sense of community within your users, as most visitors will either be dealing with diabetes themselves, or know someone who is.

Nutrition related health niche ideas are very popular right now!

diet niche ideasDiabetic Diet-  In addition to care for diabetic patients in everyday life, nutrition is a crucial part of this.  Recipes, user submitted hints and tips, and cooking techniques would go good here.

Diet Foods-  Teaching people what foods they should eat, as well as those they should avoid, would make great content choices here.  Shopping lists and recipes would round out a site such as this.

You can categorize by food or by diet, taking into consideration the different needs and goals of each.

Dieting- Dieting is not only for weight loss (although we have a category below that covers that area).  There are many reasons people diet, whether it is to improve health or because of a medical condition, such as diabetes.

This niche idea would be great for a potentially huge site that covers all the reasons for dieting and all the types of diets out there.

Dieting Recipes-  Going hand in hand with providing content on specific diets, recipes would be a good stand alone niche idea (lots of books and content for affiliate commissions) in a lot of categories, or you may choose to hone in on one.

Dieting Shakes-  Pairing well with other diet category content ideas, shakes are a great way to diet on the run.  They are particularly popular now, and there a host of products and recipes available to build out a great site!

Diet Pills-  Providing reviews, pros and cons, of all the diet pills currently on the market would be a great way to inform the public and build trust.

Drug Addiction-  Providing content designed to help those struggling with addiction would be a great way to provide reviews and possible contacts with rehabilitation facilities that can help start recovery.

Not the easiest or softest subject matter, but many people search for help online rather than in person.

Easy, Quick, Fast are trigger words in health niche ideas

Easy Ways to Lose Weight-  The built in viral nature of this site type will be attractive.  Concentrate on “quick fix” ideas and strategies designed to help people lose a handful of pounds in no time.

Energy Bars-  There are about a million energy/nutrition bars on the market today, and most of them serve different functions.  Provide overviews and reviews of many of the top picks, and link this site to other health and fitness efforts.

Erectile Dysfunction-  Lots of men struggle with this condition, and your site can focus on the causes and remedies that exist to overcome this problem.

Eye Diseases and health-  Caring for the eyes is a critical- and often overlooked- component of overall health.  Discuss the various eye ailments and treatments, and educational material on proper eye care would be great here.

Fibromyalgia-  A lot of people suffer with this often misunderstood condition.  Provide info on the description of fibromyalgia, as well as treatments.

First Aid-  Teach the basics of first aid, from cuts and sprains to CPR.

Food Allergies-  Educate people on the various food allergies, and things to avoid.  Treatments and cures for allergic symptoms would be great here as well.

Foot care-  Millions deal with foot issues, from sore and tired feet to athlete’s foot, and even more severe issues.  Recommend products for help along the way, as you build informative content.

Gluten Free-  Living a gluten-free life is more common these days.  Your content can feature foods, recipes, and lifestyle pieces for those that have chosen to live with this dietary choice.

Gout-  Painful gout can be alleviated or eased with the treatment and recommendations you provide.

Hair Loss-  Hair loss, especially when aging, is a very common problem that carries some psychological stigma with it.  Provide remedies, review products and hair loss treatments, and ease the minds with encouraging content on the subject.

Healthy Aging-  Diet, exercise, proper rest, and mental stimulation all play a big role in aging as healthy as possible.  This is a large niche area ripe for great content,and catering to a specific audience.

Everyone searches for sensible health niche ideas online at some point

Healthy Cooking-  Provide recipes, techniques, and diet information for those interested in eating healthy.  This a large area for content, as you can cover everything from growing vegetables to preparing kids’ school lunches with a healthy twist!

Healthy Living-  A great, large lifestyle niche idea!  Provide content on diet, exercise, rest, and mindset for an audience concerned with living life healthier.  This can also tie into other topics that deal with quitting smoking, reducing sugar intake, etc.

Heart health-  There are a lot of factors you can cover that pertain particularly to aiding a healthier heart.  A very critical component to overall health, and connects well to other physical health topics, including diet.

High Blood pressure-  Millions of people suffer with high blood pressure.  Your site can offer tips and hints to control or lower blood pressure, as well as diet and exercise instruction for the heart specifically.

High Cholesterol-  Help people control high cholesterol through good tips and hints for a healthier lifestyle.

Home Remedies-  A HUGE niche idea that is very popular today!  You can cover topics related to almost any category of health and well being.  Natural remedies and treatments for almost anything that ails you is a hugely popular niche area right now!

How to Gain Weight-  Believe it or not, not everyone is looking to lose weight. There are many people, both young and old, that struggle to gain weight.  Cover the factors of metabolism, educate people with supplements and diet.

Health niche ideas online will be one of the biggest growth industries over the next 10 years

IBS-  Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects many people, and your content can cover the definition, treatment options, home remedies, and more.

Increase Tetosterone-  Cover supplements and lifestyle choices for those interested in improving overall testosterone- usually a hot topic for older men.

Insomnia-  Can’t sleep?  Guess what? You’re not alone!  Help people get better sleep, and fight off the dreaded insomnia.  Topical information, suggested remedies, and products to try might just help your visitors to count those elusive sheep!

Keto Diet-  One of the most popular diet philosophies these days, you can explain the basics of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle.  Recipes, meal planning, and other concerns will provide topical content.

Lose Weight-  A huge topic idea and always a VERY popular niche!  Millions look for credible, real info on losing weight daily.

There are many, many categories in this niche, and the result can be a huge, multi-faceted site, or more specified to one area.

Losing weight the RIGHT way is a lifestyle change, and your site should reflect that.  Make people feel confident and comfortable that they are at a trusted place that will provide great details on achieving their goals.

Our “EPIC NICHE SnapShot” covers many of these ideas more in depth!

Massage therapy-  Show people the basics and science behind massage, whether to get them ready to advance to a career in it, or for personal use.

Menopause-  Providing resources for a better understanding of menopause, and content that will help ladies get through this change in their life would all be very good ideas.

Men’s health-  A HUGE niche opportunity!!  Lots and lots of categories can fall under this umbrella, and it is a very hot niche.

Mental Health-  Another fantastic opportunity with lots of content categories.

Motivation-  Inspiring people onward to greater things is a great mental health exercise, and one that millions of people are searching for daily.

Mole Removal-  Outline the basics of a mole or skin tags, and provide content that discusses both natural and medical procedures for removing them.

Natural remedies-  people are searching for natural ways to solve almost any problem relating to health.  There are tons of categories and remedies to research and add as content to a huge site idea such as this!

Natural Skin Care-  People are always looking for natural ways to maintain their beautiful skin.  Help them navigate through the vast array of natural solutions.

Nutrition-  A huge, comprehensive site on all facets of nutrition would educate and inform.  A very popular niche idea that can go in many different directions.

Obesity-  A huge problem that lends itself well to understanding the complexities of the condition, and suggesting dietary and medical needs.

Paleo Diet-  A specialized diet program (also know as “caveman” diet) that garners a specific audience.

Personal Care-  A wide niche idea full of lots of content ideas.  Everything from grooming, hygiene, preventative maintenance, and nutrition can be hot topics for this idea.

Health niche ideas help people explore and solve problems

Plantar Fasciitis-  A common and painful foot condition that affect people on many levels.  Talk conditions, symptoms, and treatments.

Plastic Surgery-  Whether it is for cosmetic or medical reasons, people will want to learn more about the pros and cons, as well as a description of the procedures.

women's health niche ideasPregnancy-  Especially vital to new parents, navigating through pregnancy can be a winding and satisfying road.  Help parents-to-be learn all the basics of a great pregnancy, and prepare them for caring for their new bundle of joy!

Protein-  Examine the benefits of a diet high in protein.

Psoriasis-  This skin condition affects millions in different ways.  Produce solid content on topics such as causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Quit Smoking-  A huge niche idea that is smoking hot!!  Lots of categories- from different treatment options, to motivation, to health impact.  provide charts and perhaps a calendar to keep your guests on track.  A forum would be a great idea for this niche, as users can post progress and encourage others.

Skin Care-  From anti-aging to scar reduction to everything in between, this wide open niche idea is ripe for wonderfully written content.

Social Anxiety-  Help people struggling with anxiety in social situations develop confidence and cope with this debilitating mental roadblock.

Provide hope, inspiration,and motivation with your health niche ideas

Strength Training-  Introduce people to the strategies of fitness, with an emphasis on building strength.  Diet, recovery,and equipment all represent great content int his category.

Stress Management-  Provide strategies and motivational tools to help people manage stress better.

Supplements-  There are many different reasons and products in this category.  Whether it is diet, exercise, performance, or any other concern, supplements can provide a solution.  Navigate through the huge, multi billion dollar per year supplement business with great content!

Tackle subjects and provide reviews of various categories of supplements, recommend and partner with quality brands, and build a great niche site!

Teeth Whitening-  There are a lot of over the counter products for teeth whitening, a dental subject that everyone seems concerned with.  provide feedback, reviews, and related content for a great niche site!

Teeth/Dental Care-  A comprehensive dental care site would fit well with the concerns of the public on a very popular subject.  This could be a huge site, covering many different topics, from standard care to dental procedures.

Health niche ideas that link to reputable companies are the way to go!

Vegetarian-  Producing a great vegetarian site, full of recipes, recommendations and lifestyle content, would be a huge hit!  This has the potential to be a huge site on its’ own, or combined as part of a bigger site on dietary choices and nutrition.

Vegan-  Another popular, specialized dietary niche idea that could use a quality site!  Content suggestions could include a restaurant guide, recipes, and shopping lists.

Weight lifting-  The potential for a huge site with this one!  Teach the basics of proper weight lifting, and even move into more serious levels.  This type of content lends itself very well to video content.

Weight Loss-  Another of our spotlight mega niche ideas!  Cover diets, exercise, planning, and motivation.

yoga niche ideasWomen’s Health-  A comprehensive lifestyle site in the women’s niche would be a huge idea!  Lots of content choices and directions you can go with this one.

Yoga-  Teach the basics of beginning yoga, and move on to more advanced topics such as meditation.



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