Top 94 Hobby Business Ideas: Turn your passion into profits!

hobby niche ideasTurn your passion into profit!  Our Neat-O list of hobbies and interests are sure to find a captivated audience eager for your next move. This list of hobby business ideas is a great way to “play” with your business.

If you are skilled – or want to become skilled- in any of these hobby business ideas, then you have what it takes to speak to your audience.

Even if you are not an expert, building sites focused on the beginner in any hobby would be both an education for you and your audience.

Play your cards right with hobby business ideas!!

All your hobby niche ideas need a roll of the dice to get started, but don’t worry, the cards are in your favor!

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Our explosive list of Hobby Business Ideas!

Below are snippets of great hobby business ideas!

Airbrushing-  A how-to guide for beginners, a gallery of some amazing works, and links to quality airbrushing supplies would be a great idea!

Acting-  Teach people how to learn beginning acting skills, and/or refer them to established classes online.  Explain the business of acting, and perhaps give some links to industry contacts.

Astronomy-  Reach for the stars with a website that teaches people all about the stars!

Archery-  Hit the bulls-eye with a site dedicating to all things archery.  Link to sporting goods stores for quality equipment.

Aquarium (freshwater/saltwater)-  Chronicle the basics of caring for fish.  Provide more advanced info on different aquariums and creating suitable environments for their new pets.

Astrology-  Be a source of information for those interested in astrology.  This site lends itself well to expand into other “alternative” and “new age” topics.

Backgammon-  Teach people how to play and win at this interesting game.  Provide links to stores that sell backgammon games on all price points.

Badminton-  A nice little niche, because this is a game that garners loyalty among enthusiasts, but is not as popular these days with the mainstream.  Teach the basics to beginners, and link to products.

Baseball-  Helping players young and old learn the basics of baseball would be a great choice for a niche business here.

Make your hobby niche ideas come to life!

Base Jumping-  A popular “extreme” sport that has a built in and loyal fan base-pun definitely intended!  Beginning instruction and links to supply company would round out this “rock solid” idea!

Basketball-  Score big with tutorials on basketball skills and strategy for beginners.  Cater to those starting out, from high school to local rec leagues.

Bicycling-  This niche has a very passionate fan base, and you can help turn the wheels on this lucrative niche.  Lots of content ideas, from equipment reviews, repair and even a listing of local and national trails.

Bird Watching-  Everything from bird species, viewing locations, and camera equipment can be covered here.  This is a great place to post user photos and blend your site into a community.

BMX-  Those just starting out in the exciting world of BMX can learn the basics, along with equipment recommendations and modifications, from a site like this.

Blogging-  Blogging doesn’t always have to be about money to make money.  Teach others how to share and grow online, while recommending hosting, WordPress themes, and more.

For a total newbie, there is a lot to learn about building and maintaining a blog.  And that means you have a lot to teach!

Board Games-  Board games are still popular!  Give a rundown of some of the most popular, including titles for young and old. You can appeal to the hobby gamer (think Dungeons and Dragons) and the collector (vintage games).

Boating-  Whether it is weekend boating on lakes or the ocean, boating is a huge activity with lots of loyal participants.  This is a great opportunity to add reviews of boats and gear, and link up with some companies for high-end commissions!

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Body Building-  Cater to the beginning bodybuilder with a comprehensive site full of info and tutorials on proper technique.  Throw in some nutritional and supplemental information, and this site will carry some weight!

Bowling- Bowling is both a passion and a pastime for a lot of people.  Provide instructional material, strategy, and information about joining and enjoying league play.

Brewing Beer-  Indeed, the world of home brews has taken on a life on it’s own!  The advent of a good tutorial, and reviews of home brewing equipment would be a great site idea that is worth it’s suds!

Butterfly Watching-  Not for the faint of heart, this is a great hobby.  Being able to provide info on different types of butterflies, as well as recommended products to attract and view these majestic creatures, would be great content ideas.

Button Collecting-  Yes, people still collect buttons!  There are actually many different types of buttons to collect, and the history behind them could be great content.

Cake Decorating-  Creating incredible artwork on cakes is both a hobby and business idea for many.  Teach the basics, recommend top selling equipment, offer more advanced designs, and tie all this in to a larger baking site.

Camping-  This is a huge niche!  There are many categories to explore here, with the basics, equipment reviews, tips and hints, and best camping spots.

Cartooning-  Drawing and learning to draw is a great hobby for a lot of people.  Drawing cartoons is just one niche of many in the world of drawing, and you can teach the basics to beginners here.  If you have a little skill yourself, you may want to offer more advanced training.

Casino Gambling-  Learning all the different games, and strategies to win them, would be great content!  This niche could be your jackpot!

Hobby Business Ideas are a great way to build a loyal audience!

Ceramics-  Take your knowledge of ceramics and teach others!  Lots of content ideas and variations on this great hobby!

Chess-  A game that has been around for centuries, chess is a way of life for some.  The game is intricate, and there are lots of strategies, philosophies, and gatherings centered around this classic game.  There really is no other game on earth that draws such passion.

Cigars-  Teach others to become well-versed in cigars.  There are many types to cover, many countries that produce great cigars and long histories attached to this leisure activity.

Coin Collecting-  Teach and provide information on this epic hobby that has been popular for generations.

collecting antiques nicheCollecting Antiques-  The world of antique collecting is big business for some, and a whale of a hobby for many others.  There is rich history to explore here!

Collecting Artwork-  The lucrative and varied world of collecting art can be many different varieties.  There is classic art, fine art, pop art, and just about any other type of works you can think of.  The markets here are wide ranging, and this lends itself to a large site idea!

Collecting Music Albums-  Vinyl is making a huge comeback!  Be a part of this exciting scene.  Intact albums with liners notes and and promos are all the rage.

Collecting Sports Cards-  Conventions, trading websites, and a passionate fan base make up the world of card collecting.  Sports cards are the most popular, but you collect almost anything (think Star Wars cards).

Hobby Business Ideas are big business, but also a lot of fun!

Collecting Stamps-  Passionate and detailed describe the typical stamp collector.  Many stamps of the past go for big bucks, and represent a great investment for the collector.  There is a lot to learn, and a lot of history.

Coloring-  A mild form of art, may adults have indulged into the hobby of coloring.  Coloring books, sketches, and other forms of hand-created art can be pleasing, and gives you the opportunity to teach and inform the new artist.

Cooking-  Teaching the skills of all sorts of cooking procedures gives you the opportunity to attach to a huge fan base and create a Mega site!

Cosplay-  Dressing in costume and donning the persona of fantasy characters is a great hobby for many people.  Conventions, renaissance fairs, and acting are all great outlets for the cosplay enthusiast.

Crossword Puzzles-  Tons of strategies, tips, hints,and guides are great content here.

Dancing-  A lot of different styles and moves to learn for the beginner or intermediate dancer.

Die-cast Collectibles-  Miniature vehicles of all kinds are prime collectibles with a rich history.. Content ideas include toy manufacturing history and an introduction this form of collecting.

Digital Photography-  Taking great photos requires a great knowledge of equipment and shooting tips and hints.

Fishing-  A hobby that almost everyone does at one time or another.  Lots and lots of variants and content ideas here, from the weekend fisherman to the pro.

Hobby niche ideas allow you to expand your areas of expertise

football niche ideasFootball-  The most popular sport in the U.S., football is a sport that fans are very passionate about.  Talk about tailgating, throwing game day parties, how to watch the games, etc. for great content.

Add in collectibles and team merchandise, write content about fan caves, etc. and you can see why this type of site could be huge.

Gardening-  Talk of the basics to good gardening, and you’re sure to attract a big audience! A big niche area!

Golf- Also covered in our   sports niche ideas articlethis angle covers the passionate fan base.  History, major tournaments, places to play recreational golf, and golf travel packages are all part of this great niche idea.

Go Kart Racing-  Whether for sport or for fun, go kart racing is big,  Teach the basics, add in some small engine repair and safety, and you have a great niche idea.

Guitar-  The guitar is perhaps the most popular single instrument to learn,  Teach a class for the beginner, or link to studios that can do the training for you.

Hiking-  Lots of hiking enthusiasts out there!  Discuss gear, trails, and safety, and invite user feedback for a site that travels the extra mile!

Home Brewing-  Teach others to brew like a champ!  Add links and discuss home brewing gear, tips and hints.

Home Repair-  Although not what I consider a hobby, there are many that do.  Let the weekend warriors for home projects unite under your roof for all the basics.  Lots of project ideas, safety and efficiency tips, and product recommendations.

Home Theater-  Obviously, TV’s and stereo equipment sells well here!  You can also teach proper set up, acoustics, and provide advanced designs for a complete theater room!

Hot air Ballooning-  A narrow niche, but one filled with devoted participants.  Discuss air shows safety, equipment and develop a forum.

Hunting-  Provide knowledge on the basics of hunting, gear recommendations, etc. for a site that wins!  Several hunting disciplines to cover, as well as gun safety, cleaning your kill, and much more.  This is still a very popular passion for a lot of people, and the potential for a huge site!

The Magic of working with hobby business ideas is that they connect with a vibrant audience

Jigsaw Puzzles-  There is still quite a little, loyal group of enthusiasts who indulge in the pastime of putting together-and even creating- jigsaw puzzles.  Connect with groups looking for all levels of puzzles, from kids to advanced.

Kayaking-  This niche idea can also go well with many camping or outdoors niches.  Teach beginners, explore great rivers, and connect with your audience.

Kites-  A small, but great little niche idea that is still going strong.  Combines well with some other outdoor activities niche ideas.

Learn Poker-  Poker is a fascinating game with a lot of variations and strategies.  Teach the basics for the beginner.

Learn a Foreign Language-  Write content that prepares the user to learn a new language, then shuffle them off to schools online that can teach them!  Many languages can present great content opportunities for you.

Learn an Instrument-  Start an aspiring musician on his/her way with smart tutorials, deep pieces, and stout content on the learning any type of instrument.  Your site can be comprised of many different instruments, or focus on a few.

Magic-  Learning the fascinating discipline of magic and illusion would make great content.

Model Cars-  Collectors and builders unite in this niche idea!

Martial Arts-  Learning the basics of various martial arts disciplines would make for a great site for beginners trying to figure out which style they prefer.

Metal Detecting-  Equipment reviews, great spots, and user generated content would make a great little site idea here!

model railroad niche ideasModel Railroad-  There may not be a more passionate fan base than those that create and maintain model railroads.  Railroad enthusiasts are also interested in history of railroading as well.

Model Rockets-  Building and learning about model rockets, as well as retro history of the hobby, would make great content!

Mountain Biking-  In addition to the exercise, mountain biking is exploratory.  Discuss equipment, trail rides, and safety.

Mountain Climbing-  A site dedicated to helping beginning learn the pitfalls and pinnacles of mountain climbing would surely get attention.  Travel packages would make great monetization options here.

Painting-  Focus on the beginner, and explore different styles of painting, different media, and equipment reviews.

Paintball-  Equipment reviews, tournament coverage, and the basics of the sport would make great content ideas here.

Punch this link to follow your hobby niche ideas!

R/C Cars-  With radio controlled cars and planes, you can create a site that caters to this great hobby!  Fans of this hobby are collectors, repairmen, and competitors- provide them with great content in these areas!

R/C Planes

Running-  More than merely exercise, running is a lifestyle for many.  Discuss competitions, equipment, and strategies.

Scrapbooking-  The digital world hasn’t killed off savvy scrapbookers!  Dig into this niche with ideas, supply recommendations, and tips and hints.

Scuba Diving-  All the training, certification, preparation, and dive sites make great content, especially for beginners, in this great activity.

Self Defense-  More than a hobby, lots of people are searching for ways to learn how to defend themselves.

Skiing-  This niche idea is prime for beginner tutorials, equipment reviews, and travel.

Skateboarding-  A sport and hobby that lends itself to attitude and style!  This is a lifestyle activity, with everything from apparel to equipment being prime source material.  With pro leagues and X Games, there is a lot of personalities to cover as well.

skydiving niche ideasSky Diving-  Link to services that offer skydiving excursions.  Give the details of the basics for beginners.  Connect to groups that thrive in this activity, and allow them to share their experiences.

Soccer-  Soccer fans unite!  Teach the basics of the game for beginners, cover the top teams, and give inspiring content on building parties and events around the beautiful game!


Surfing-  This rad sport is looking for content that teaches the basics, but you may also take the angle of building a lifestyle site.  Clothes, equipment, travel, and competitions would go great here in making a big wave in this community!

Swimming-  For exercise or competition, swimming is a sport that has a lot of links to high level competitions such as the Olympics, and is another great lifestyle site idea.

Tennis-  No aching tennis elbow with a site that serves up great content!  Equipment, strategies, personalities, and much more in this fantastic site idea.  Tennis is a lifetime sport, so all ages and skill levels can be targeted.

Toy collecting-  Collectors are serious about toys!  And toys can bring big bucks!  Cover the basics, outline the types of best selling and highest earning toys, and provide tips on maintaining a pristine collection.  Truly a great investment for many!

Travel-  Yes, travel IS a hobby for some!  Exotic locations, user experiences, and lots of pictures would make this site go!

Video Games-  A huge site idea with many variations!  Retro gaming, current games, and tips would all be great content.

Watching Sports (fan sites)-  Individual teams or sports already have fan bases locked in and loyal.  Provide content that is unique and separates you from the rest of the pack!

Most hobby business ideas work great with a personable simple tone of writing!

Weightlifting-  The weightlifting enthusiast is concerned with equipment, training, and nutrition.

Windsurfing-  This sport pairs well within a larger site that features other water sports such as surfing.

Wine Making-  From grape to bottle, teach the basics of wine making.

Wine Connoisseur-  Pairs well with wine making, you can explore the tasting options, explain the different wine varieties, and provide resources to some of the best wineries and tasting events.

Writing-  Teach the aspiring writer in all of us!  Different styles, profiles of writers, a peek at undiscovered works, etc. would fill up a satisfyingly large writing site.

Writing Songs-  Teach the basics of writing good songs.  This idea goes great with sites content about learning instruments.

Yoga-  The positions and purpose of good yoga is to be taught here, and molded into a lifestyle site.

Community is the buzz word for hobby niche ideas

Your chosen hobby niche ideas will blossom with the proper tools.  It will take a lot of work and resources to truly build a site that becomes MORE than a hobby for you!

Keywords, content, responsive help along the way, and a reliable host are great starting points that will push the odds in success in your favor.

I use Wealthy Affiliates for all this and much more!  I would never recommend something I didn’t firmly believe in!

As always, please post some helpful content below, int he hopes that it may help others as they pursue their dreams online!  Good luck!






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