HOT E-commerce niches: Don’t Get BURNED!

e-commerce nichesIt’s pretty simple to start an e-commerce business. You find some products to sell, list them on your website on sites like eBay, and you’ve got yourself a business. But, choosing products based solely on the basis of being hot sellers can produce weak results.

When you do your research, you’ll come across products such as iPads and laptops that seem tempting. You find a supplier that gives you what you feel are decent prices. Then, you list the products and they do not sell at all. Your hopes for building a solid e-commerce business suddenly fade.

Don’t lose money and don’t lose hope!!  You can do this!!


Don’t give up hope. You simply need to dig a bit deeper in your market to find products that can sell without a large amount of competition. This is not as difficult to do as it may seem.

When you take the initiative to dig further into your niche, you are doing what most sellers won’t. This means you will find a customer base that those others are not going to find. Examples are items that support the main product. For instance, instead of selling televisions, try selling television stands, etc. You still need to check the numbers on these products but you will find they will be easier to sell. Plus, you are using the hottest selling items as a jumping point towards getting sales.  If you are insistent on selling the hottest niche products, consider adding some value to your listings.

Do the extra stuff that the others DON’T or WON’T do

For instance, if you are selling electronics products that are competitive, try including some extras such as videos that show how to use those products. Or, you may be able to find a product manual from the company that no one else is publishing. Always look to add value and give people a reason to come back to your website.

You will need to keep tabs on the markets. What is a good seller today could stop performing at any time. Too many sellers try to force sales by using techniques that may not be sustainable. They introduce coupons or they pump up the hype on the products. Some will even revert to less
savory tactics. This can work in the short term, but if the demand is no longer there, it won’t last long. You also risk tarnishing your reputation.

Part of the cost of doing an e-commerce business is to stay ahead of the market and try to anticipate demand changes that may occur.

Need a bunch of E-commerce niches to explore??

As you browse around this site, and possibly our sister site, EZ-passive-incomeyou will start to get some ideas for what your business may look like.

If you need some ideas for hot e-commerce niches, this is the place to be!  We list literally several hundred ideas here, meant to inspire thought and creativity.

But you may want a bit more info on hundreds of niches.  We got ya covered!!!!  Consider signing up for our “100% FREE “EPIC Niche SnapShot.  This guide is full of tons of valuable info designed to be a launching pad to your next e-commerce niches.

In addition to singling out tons of niches, we give you top keywords, content ideas, and relevant affiliate promotions that pair well with your chosen niche.

Find a home for your e-commerce niches!!!

By this point in this article, you hopefully are getting excited about the possibility of your own

e-commerce business.  The next big important step is finding a good, solid, reliable home for your new empire.

While I consistently stand by my personal choice of Wealthy Affiliate, I can’t build an article about e-commerce without mentioning Shopify.

Shopify is one of the most written about and studied e-commerce platforms out there.  Their niche is e-commerce, whereas Wealthy Affiliates caters more to to affiliate marketing.  Don’t get me wrong, the platform at Wealthy Affiliates, combined with the power and flexibility of WordPress, can build e-commerce sites easily as well.

In summary, both of these options are some of the best out there.  Visit each one of these sites and see which one works the best for you.  I won’t bore you with the same description of features that they will show you.  Here’s a hint:  they both offer  A LOT!!!



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