Hot Niche Markets: Targeting a Winner this year….and Beyond


Hot Niche Markets

hot niche markets: targeting a winner this year and beyondTargeting the hot niche markets is Step #1 in building a great business online!  Here are current trends that will give you a fantastic start.  Oh, and these hot niche markets will be burning with opportunity for years!!!

Knowing the hot niches to market is especially important to build a career online. Everyday, there’s chatter about the ‘next big thing” in earning money online.

No doubt, there are always some new ideas floating around that deserve attention.  However, we will look at 5 “old” niches in some new ways!

The hot niche markets- an overview


  • Health & Beauty – Always one of the most popular niches out there. The demographic has been traditionally female, but more and more men are entering this arena. Health and beauty remains a powerful niche, able to withstand up and down economic climates.  New products and developments are constant, so there’s always a buzz in this niche.


  • Parenting & Children’s Needs – parents spend a ton of money on their children, from practical needs to fun. There are tons of categories (“angles”) within this broad niche, as children have different needs and desires at different ages.  Work within this niche provides you ample room to configure a niche site tailored to one or more of these segments.


  • Pets – A huge niche full of many different categories, this niche is always growing and fresh.  Families have so many preferences when it comes to pets, allowing a lot of room for you to target specific areas or broader ones.
  • Automotive – People need transportation. This evergreen niche is another example of versatility, with options from parts to repairs to reviews of new and used cars, and more.  
  • Food – Another constant in life, the food niche is always popular and solidly evergreen.  Diets, specific foods, recipes, and food related products are just a sample of the opportunity.

Along with the “famous” five major niches, which we will discuss more in depth, there will be other niches arising and trending that we will also target. Understanding the shifting needs of your customers is key to identifying hot niche markets.

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hot niche markets: health and beautyHot Niche Markets:  Health & Beauty

Health and beauty rarely take a hit as a hot niche because there is always a way to justify these purchases in the mind of the consumer. Some people may decide, upon being laid off, that they look too old to get a job and opt for Botox treatments to help them be more competitive in the job market. A struggling single mother may opt to treat herself to a weekly hair styling as a way to pamper herself. Even when people don’t have the money, they don’t fail to spend in this area; they just look for smaller indulgences, things that generate greater value for the buck, and discounts.

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Creating Health & Beauty Habits

Health & beauty products are a great niche category, ripe with recurring purchases once you have established trust.

People are loyal to brands and products once they find something that works. Sales in this niche are a very personal selection for most. It is usually wise to have a large variety of products within a category to choose from and to market them to targeted demographics.

African-American beauty products, for instance, are growing wildly in recent years. An entire category is emerging that could be right for you!

Hispanic customers are also a growing category that is open to opportunity. Knowing who your target audience is and what their needs are is the key to generating income with your niche.

Special tip: to better understand your customer base, put up a poll and ask them what they would like to see! Send them a discount coupon for participating in your poll. Make it time-limited, and the odds that they will redeem the coupon and make a purchase on your site will increase too.

Preventative Health A Great Subset Niche

People are increasingly turning to innovative, preventative treatments to avoid a doctor’s care. Natural and homeopathic health products are exploding!

People are increasingly becoming more interested in learning how to prevent costly health conditions rather than paying to treat them. 

Products sell well when the health benefits are highlighted.  This way, consumers will justify the purchase as a necessity and not just as a luxury. 

Home care and “do it yourself” products sell very well, and provide another sales angle to approach.

hot niche markets: parenting and children's needsHot Niche Markets:  Parenting & Children’s Needs

The average cost of raising children is astronomical, yet few parents will complain or cut corners unless they truly have to.

There is a great desire to see their children succeed in a competitive world, and part of that means trying to get the best their money can buy for their children. Here are some ways that you can use this niche to generate income online.

Target Kids categories

Different age groups, genders, and specific ethnic concerns are just a few of the great segments to cater to.  Each of these choices present the opportunity to differentiate yourself from others.

Target a category, and promote products specific to that base.  Remember, the key here is to target parents, as they make most of the purchases for younger children.

Kids care Combined With Health Care

A hot niche trend!  Capitalize on parents desire to keep their kids healthy and happy!

There is a wealth of health and wellness products specific to children, as well as tons of content options.

Just some examples:  Allergy season will have parents on the lookout for safe children’s allergy medications and preventive care. Cold and flu season will have them looking out for ways to keep their children healthy, even when exposed to other children in school.

When setting up your Internet sales plans, anticipate different times of the year for certain health concerns.

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Parental Needs

Anything that makes a parent feel more secure, more efficient, and less stressed is going to sell well. High quality content, possibly in the form of info products, about parenting are always good sellers.

hot niche markets: petsHot Niche Markets:  Pets 

People constantly spend money on their pets….just take a look at eBay’s biggest sellers.  Pets are part of the family for most people, and pet owners will spend on both necessary and impulse purchases.  There are successful niche sites that focus on one of those two characteristics, with several other sites that cater to both of these specifics.

Still yet, you may find a niche within a specific type of pet, and focus on everything in that category.  Dogs, cats, birds, fish…you name it, there can be a site built around the wants and needs of these pets.

Dive a little deeper, and you may find yourself targeting a more specific sub-set of the niche areas mentioned above.  Specific breeds of dogs, for example, enable you to target a more precise audience.

Small Pet Accessories

Concentrate on offerings of food (one of the big niche categories) and equipment for small pets. If you are selling info-products, training and obedience are still the best sellers.

There is a literal ocean of accessories for almost any type of pet!  They can range from the necessary- such as leashes and housing- to the more expendable items,  such as costumes and toys.


Pet lovers love to congregate and share stories. Online communities are a great way to get loyal followers on your site as well as to have a captive audience for your products. If you have your own pets that you can feature, that’s all the better as this will help you to connect with your customers and their needs.

Pet Care

Caring for the well being of pets is a chief concern for owners.  They always have the best interests in mind for the family pet, and they are craving solid information, tips, and products that helps achieve this goal. 

Some care concerns may be geographical in nature.  For example, flea products are staples year-round in the Southern states of the United States, but may only be seasonal in the Northern states.

Older pets have more health concerns than younger pets. Some health problems are specific to a particular species and not to others. .

Use an empathetic approach as pet lovers tend to have a deeply compassionate view of life and want to nurture living beings. You should help them achieve these goals as best as possible.

hot niche markets: automotiveHot Niche Markets:  Automotive

At some point and in many different ways, we all seek automotive information online.  It may take the shape of searching new and used cars, ratings and reviews, repairs, parts, and so on.

This field will always be a prime niche area full of many different segments.

Car Maintenance

Teach car owners how to change their own oil, replace the filters, and do simple car maintenance in an effort to reduce costs.  Along with these helpful posts, link them to you recommended products to get the job done right.

Every car may have different maintenance requirements, but that information can be linked to from your own site.

When cars break down, show people the parts they need, and provide tutorials of the repair.  Buying parts online will save on costs, even if the owner repairs themselves or hires a mechanic.

Used parts for cars can be a highly profitable way to make a living online. It’s especially easy to market on places like eBay that is known for having trustworthy parts vendors online.

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hot niche markets: foodHot Niche Markets:  Food

Less than 2% of the world’s populations are farmers. In addition, certain countries like the United States and Japan have an aging farmer population, mostly over 50 years old. While it doesn’t require as many people to farm as it did in the past, there is a growing concern and interest in all things related to agriculture and food. How food is grown, who grows it, where it comes from, and food safety issues are becoming more and more important to the average consumer.

Add to this growing mix of uncertainty about the food supply, the issue of higher food prices, and a nasty recession, and you can see why people want to start to have some control over what they’re eating, whether it’s from a security, safety, or comfort standpoint. Food is going to be a very fast-growing niche that can be marketed from several angles by the savvy Internet marketer.

Food Security

Those people who are interested in reducing pesticides in their food or are scared of food shortages or high prices will take a great interest in learning how to grow their own food. In fact, you can see this niche taking off right now. If you watch trends, as soon as inflation becomes a major trend, the demand for home gardening information on the Internet follows it. People want to be sure that they can feed themselves and their loved ones, and that’s fairly easy to do if you know how to garden.

Gardening supplies, informational products, and fertilizers to increase the yield will be more and more in demand. Learning how to grow organic foods is also a great niche. If you can help people generate income through the production of food in their backyard, you will have combined a very healthy niche with the potential to make money – a sure crowd pleaser. Just be aware that this niche is seasonal and geographically impacted.

Food As A Valuable Commodity

Comfort foods like candies, chocolates, and even alcohol are going to continue to have strong demand. Wine and beer can be an excellent niche site, and lends itself well to a buying club. Just make sure that when you use a food niche that you are in compliance with your state and federal laws. Other ways to market this niche are through agricultural stocks, home preserving, cookbooks, and gift ideas.

Incentives Producing Demand

Some demand is a natural byproduct of the law of supply and demand. Other demand in the market has been created by Federal laws and regulations. As the national bailout continues to gather steam, there are numerous programs that will create demand where there previously was none. It’s up to the savvy Internet marketer to identify these niches and to explore the different ways to reap profits from this new area of demand.

Energy Incentives

The U.S. Government offers various energy incentives to encourage customers to invest in home products that will reduce energy demands. Tank-less hot water systems, insulation, air conditioning, or heat pump systems, and solar panels are just a few of these items.

In some cases, the Federal government may return 30% (always check the current incentive structure) of the purchase price in tax incentives. This can be a powerful motivator for people who are thinking of installing a new system.

Almost any of these energy efficient items can be marketed online, whether as a product or as a referral commission.

Sell Information On Incentives

The info-product market is very well-suited to these  Federal and state incentives. Taking all the information on energy programs, and compiling them in an easy to read format, provides the makings of a great ebook or report that you can sell online.

Provide information on who to contact, how to be eligible, and what types of benefits they might expect from the programs. You can walk the reader through every step, or provide an overview with links to find out more.

If you can include a number of different programs that someone might benefit from, you can consolidate them into an ebook and sell it for a small fee. Having all of that information in one place with URL links that are easy to spot and step-by-step instructions will help people and be well worth the small investment they paid for your ebook.

hot niche markets: technologyHot Niche Markets:  Technology

Technology has a very quick life cycle. As a result, niches have to be identified,marketed, and updated soon and often.

As trends in technology take off, that’s the best time to market them as a hot niche, although they tend to peak fairly quickly. If your audience is technical and tend to be first adopters of technology, it can be a great niche to market to online. Let’s take a look at a few that still have some staying power.


Cell phone advances are normally major news in a high-demand market. Reviews and specs of the latest and greatest phones will connect well with your audience.

Digital Cameras

With more opportunity to share photos and short movies online through avenues like YouTube, the sale of digital cameras are still going strong. Although any cell phone can take great pictures, they are not normally the quality of a great digital camera.

High-definition cameras with more features and fun options to edit photos and to post online are going to increase in the marketplace.

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Hybrid Technology

Hybrid hot water heaters ( a mix of solar and backed up with gas or electric energy) are an example of “compromising” with newer technology, which can be comforting to people incorporating new technology into their lives.

Cars that can be electric and gas are also a great example, providing some insurance that the car will function, one way or another.

As people begin adopting more conscious energy management, they may be reluctant to be early adopters unless they can have training wheels, of sorts.

Green Technology

With incentives, mass media attention, and energy concerns, green technology is a rich niche that will only increase in demand in the future. It may be a while before everyone wants to put solar cells on their roofs, but other types of easy modifications, like water conservation devices and recycled products, are pain-free to implement.

Hot Niche Markets:  Online advertising

Product niches aren’t the only way to generate income online. Advertising is an effective way to create income from Internet marketing activities.The internet landscape is changing the way we do this.

In the past, a Google Adsense campaign was about the only way to advertise and to make money online as a publisher, using keywords. Now, there are many more options that the smart Internet marketer should use to promote offerings and to make advertising income too.

Affiliate networks 

Take advantage of affiliate networks that cater to a wide range of niche markets. Join several of them to provide yourself options.  There are many networks such as ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc.

One popular format is the cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate strategy. They pay out not only on a sale, but on specific actions performed by the visitor. These actions can include activities like polls, site registrations, subscriptions, puzzles, and sales.

The payouts are usually higher than a pay-per-click campaign, and the publisher may not even have to make a sale to collect. Since most people are more willing to part with information rather than cash, CPA programs can generate more consistent income than simply waiting on a sale.

Advertisers love CPA programs because they are paying for leads that they can later market to, unlike a pay-per-click campaign where the visitor remains fairly anonymous. This gives them a “results-based” campaign that helps them examine how productive their ad dollars are,  compared to other strategies.

More and more advertisers are moving into the CPA model, and Internet marketers should be ready to cultivate these new networks to make sure that they are ahead of the trend in years to come.

More Social Networking Exposure

One of the biggest changes to advertising that is exploding is the use of social networks for Internet marketing. Sites such as and are a fantastic way to generate contact leads for marketing purposes.

Problems arise, however,  when “old school” marketers use these platforms to spam people. This practice will eventually get them banned. Spamming is NEVER a solid strategy for building a customer base. To be effective on social media, think outside the box, and focus on value.

Take a look at ads you find appealing, and deconstruct them to find the parts that appeal to you. Your reach on these platforms can be phenomenal, but must be done consistently and done right.

As one example, let’s pretend that, instead of using keyword searches for your next purchase, you hop on Facebook and ask for recommendations. Instantly, you’ll get responses from a number of people giving their opinion.

This ‘human interaction” builds more trust than traditional keyword search. Friends trust friends and not machines.

These social networks are essentially their own search engines with greatly improved ways to buy online with no spamming and/or solicitation. If you are not online in an authentic manner where someone can recognize you as a live human being by the time this revolution takes place, you’ll be left far behind in the Internet marketing race. 


Don’t ignore the shifting trend in social media as an advertising platform.  Being versatile with trends will keep you moving forward.

These hot niche markets as chosen for their current popularity, but they are also evergreen.  Target them with the knowledge that they will continue to be popular for years.

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That is just part of the equation to become a success online.  In addition to recognize and market to hot trends before they get too high in competition, be flexible in how you build ad campaigns.

Don’t be content with merely using pay-per-click campaigns, you might make some money, but you will be ignoring growing markets that are emerging from social media sites and cost-per-action programs. Staying at the top of your game when marketing a hot niche means understanding that techniques for advertising are constantly changing online too.

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