Top 54 Money business Ideas: A business you can Bank on!!

money niche ideasMoney makes the world go ’round, and this list of money business ideas will get you in the financial district!

Millions of people search online everyday for solutions concerning money.  There are many sub-categories of the money niche.

Whether it is how to save or earn money, this evergreen niche is always going to be lucrative.

Invest in yourself with our Money business Ideas

Our piggy bank full of money niche ideas listed below is just our two cents.  Browse around and take stock in yourself.

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Now, on to our list!

money making niche ideasMoney Niche Ideas- No credit card required!!

Affiliate Marketing –  Introduce people to the wild world of affiliate marketing! You don’t have to be a pro yourself, you just need to know where to look for relevant content.

There are tons of people just starting out in this venture everyday, and they are looking for credible sources for knowledge.  Teach them the ins and outs of this type of business, and build trust as a solid source of information and skill.

This is a huge area of opportunity, and there is a lot for the newbie to learn.  Your content should focus on site building, SEO, finding good affiliate programs, ad placement, etc.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

Teach people the ins and outs of becoming an Amazon affiliate and earning good money with Amazon.

There are many things to learn here.  Everything from all of the Amazon terms and conditions, how to apply and manage your associate membership, and how to find hot products to promote.

Being able to integrate good products withing a well done website is also a key strategy that requires lots of education.

Start banking on your money business ideas today!

Amazon FBA–  Answer questions and provide great information as you teach people how to succeed in the Amazon FBA program.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically, you source products, send them to Amazon to store for you, then sell them and have them shipped directly from Amazon’s warehouses. It is a great strategy to break away from drop shipping and affiliate programs, and source your own products.

Bankruptcy-  Millions of people file bankruptcy- or are considering it- every year. Be the source or contact information and pros and cons of this financial decision. Content centered around navigating the process of bankruptcy, as well as recovering and improving afterwards, would all be very helpful to those in this situation.


“Remember, most of these money business ideas can either help people learn more, or could become YOUR e-commerce empire!”

Best Stocks to Buy-  Show people the basics of investing, and provide good knowledge of the stock market so that people can make educated decisions. Providing basic and beginning content about investing, stock markets, and providing in-depth reviews of trading sites would all be helpful content to help educate your visitors.

Blogging for Money-  Teach people the finer details of creating blogs with the purpose of monetization. Affiliates programs, AdSense, etc. Cover topics such as theme layouts, content suggestions, and ad placements. Other topics include audience engagement,find a “voice” that is unique, etc.

Business Ideas-  Just like Niche ideas online, people are looking for business ideas that may prove profitable. Help create lists of ideas, provide the pros and cons of each, and write topical and current information of building and sustaining a business.

Cash in on your money business ideas today!

Business Loans/Grants-  Help people who are interested in starting a business learn about loans and grant programs. There is a lot of gray area here, and a lot of room for great content and trust building with your audience. Research all the many sources out there for this type of financial reward, and provide a “clearing house” of information.

Business Start Ups-  For the brand new entrepreneur, there will be a lot of questions.  There are topics such as marketing, financing, taxes, and growing a business that would be of high interest to prospective business owners.

Career Planning-  Helping people decide on which carer path to take would be a very rewarding and valuable area to target. Suggesting online schools that pare well with specific career training would be good for affiliate programs.


Helping people earn and learn about money!!!

College Scholarships/Grants-  Helping people find money to further their education, in addition to helping them weed through the red tape of applying for aid, would be a great content source. This is a very popular niche to target, and also goes well with bigger sites that target online education and career planning.

Consulting-  If you have the knack for saving and investing money, you can offer your services to those who could use some guidance.  Financial planning and consulting is a great way to build a rapport with your audience.

Credit Repair-  One of the most sought after niches (as well as one of the most competitive), your credit repair site could showcase financial tips and planning strategies, and reviews of some of the top credit repair agencies.

Debt-  Going hand in hand with credit repair, debt management is an extremely popular search category online. This is an evergreen niche that will always be one of the busiest places on the internet, Building good financial content, as well as trust amongst your readers, would help you build a solid footing in this niche.

Discounts/Coupons-  Providing coupons for people to save money while shopping, or even suggesting the top places to go to get coupons, is a great and popular strategy. Combine this with top content in the areas of saving money and finding deals, and you have the makings for a great website!

Helping people save, earn, and learn about money is the hottest topic on the ‘Net!!

Drop Shipping-  Teach people how to start a drop-shipping business, or start your own! There are a lot of great opportunities here, but a lot to learn as well. Aligning yourself with companies that are producing great products, granting low entry prices that allow for suitable markup, and sourcing products that are not over-saturated will be key strategies here.

Ebay Selling-  Another of the money niche ideas that could either be a vehicle for you to educate people on how to go about selling successfully on Ebay, or start your own business.

No-nonsense information builds trust in Money business ideas!

E-commerce-  Selling online is probably the most popular way to earn money online.  But, if you don’t do it right, and find a niche, you simply can’t compete with the big boys.

There is so much to learn if you are new to the game, and your site could provide that sort of knowledge.  Helping people to success is a great way to earn a living!

This is a dual purpose niche, meaning you can try your hand at e-commerce as well.  You can earn as YOU learn, and teach others in the process!

E-mail marketing-  Still a very good way to build and retain an audience to sell to.  Teach people how to manage this skill, and profit from this.

Estate Planning-  Preparing for transfer of assets once someone perishes is an essential tool in estate planning.  Lots of content here, and a very focused niche audience.

Extra Income-  Everybody is searching for ways to make some extra money, usually online or with odd jobs that won’t interfere with ones daily job.

Money Niche Ideas have a WEALTH of content ideas, and an audience hungry for them!!

money bag Some good examples of this type of site would be The Penny Hoarder  or Work at Home Moms.  They connect people with quality and verified work at home opportunities everyday.  They also provide quality content on saving money as well.

Find a Job-  Connect those seeking employment with relevant hiring sites.  Help people interview better, write better resumes , and land that job!

Forex-  Foreign Exchange (FOREX) refers to the foreign exchange market. It is the over-the-counter market in which the foreign currencies of the world are traded. It is considered the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Your site can provide instructions for navigating this market, and tips for buying and selling in this environment.

Get promoted-  Provide tips and hints to help people move up the ladder!  This niche can stand alone as a mini site, or combine with other job-related topics to create a larger site.

Gold-  Selling and buying gold is a great investment strategy.  Educate people on this market with lots of topics, combined with other sites in this niche.

Go for the Gold with these Money Business Ideas

gold money niche ideas

Home Business-  Starting a home business is a wide open topic with lots of content ideas.  Whether it be a physical or online endeavor, there is much to learn.

Categorize by different skills, as well as job types, to introduce many concepts to your audience.

Job Interviews- People are always looking to sharpen their job interview skills, whether it is to get a new job or secure a promotion.  Tips, hints, strategies, and resume templates would make some great and useful content.

Job Skills- People either seeking a place to learn certain skills, or a clearing house for information on schools that offer their preferred training, would be great ideas here.

Legal Help-  You probably aren’t a lawyer, but you can still assemble great legal content, and direct people to the proper legal counsel online.  Whether it is business or personal law, your site could help people find just what the are looking for.

Life Insurance-  Helping people navigate through the wide range of life insurance products would be the order of the day here.

Teach people the “skills that pay the bills”

Management Skills-  Millions of people are in some type of management profession, and you could provide content to sharper their skills.

Tips, hints, and strategies would help any supervisor or manager, whether in the corporate world or fast food, succeed in their role.

There’s a wide range of topics here, from hiring and firing, to project management, to people skills.  A manager wears a lot of different hats, and you can help people wear them all proudly!

Market Trading-  Learning how to understand and invest wisely in the stock market is a very sought after talent.  Beginning investors would be a great target here.

Market Research-  Every good business needs proper market research to succeed.  You have to know who your competition is, and how to market efficiently to your niche.

This niche idea can cater to the person seeking your services, or you can provide a road map of terms and information about what market research is, and how to conduct this type of research.

Dig deeper into many of these money business ideas with our EPIC Niche Snapshot!!

Online Degree-  Helping people find the right online college is a big business.  Link with a few schools for affiliate income, and build content around the types of degrees these schools specialize in.

For example, you can learn several technical careers online now, so add content that gives the user a peek into each career field, with expectations, job growth info,and more.

People can get a degree online in almost anything these days.  Helping them find the right school to match their interest can put you at the head of the class!

Online Gambling-  Teaching others how to play the various games available online, and providing tips and strategies to win, would be of high interest.

Online gambling is huge business, and your site could suggest the top sites for certain games.  You can review sports books and more.  Most of these sites offer great bounties for sign-ups, so choosing this niche wouldn’t be a gamble at all!

Online Jobs-  Whether it is to augment existing income or to find a full time gig, people are searching daily for legit work online.  Chronicle these opportunities and surround this with prime content on the online work environment, and you have a winning recipe!

There now exists many real world work opportunities online.  People like these because they can pick up a side gig, and never leave home to go to a second job.

Sites such as the Penny Hoarder are great example of the type of site that can be possible in this niche.

Saving money is just as important as earning for most people

Penny Pinching/Frugal Living-  Making money is important, but keeping more of what you earn is just as crucial to a solid financial picture.  There are many, many tips, hints, and strategies that can be shared with this niche.

Penny Stocks-  Open the fascinating door to the world of penny stocks or your visitors.  Penny stocks are stock that sells usually for less than $5 per share.  These stocks usually involve smaller companies with big upside.  Help your visitors gain knowledge of this type of stock, and what to look for.  This a great beginner area for stock trading, so a “newbie” guide would work well here.

Personal Finance-  The world of personal finance covers all aspects of a families economy, including budgets, investing, saving, spending, college and retirement planning, and more.   This is a wide area that could be covered within a comprehensive site.

Money is the most searched for topic on the ‘Net

Publish Your own Book-  This idea works best when combined with a site that has already built some trust with an audience.  However, if you have a very unique idea, or wish to write a novel and sell it on Amazon, the time has never been better.

More and more people gain traction with their writing these days, thanks to digital publishing and the increasing access of the reader to work online.

Real Estate-  Help people find out more about the world of real estate.  Your site could cover all things real estate, including terminology, the process of buying and selling homes, etc.

Flipping houses and rental properties are hot commodities, so a comprehensive guide to these types of business ideas would be great here.

Real Estate Appraisal-  Going hand in hand with real estate, appraisals are a big piece of the puzzle.  Prepare people for a business that conducts appraisals, or add this to a real estate site to strengthen someone’s knowledge of the process as a whole.

Retirement Planning-  Planning for retirement is a vital function in most everybody’s personal finance portfolio.  Provide calculators, guides, tips, and hints to help people along the way.

Pick some financial advisers that offer “finders fees” or referrals commissions, and weave this into your content.

Help people build skills to pay the bills!

Sales Skills-  Sales can be a very lucrative business.  Your site would provide useful knowledge of how to sell better.  Sharpening sales skills is vital to survival in this type of industry.

There is a psychological aspect to being a successful salesperson, and your site could cover that as well.  Seminars, workshops, books, and videos work well in this type of niche.

Saving Money on Groceries-  There are lots of tips and tricks to saving at the store, and your site could provide a wealth of resources for the savvy shopper!

Sell Your Home-  Learning how the home selling process works can transform someone into a house flipper, if that’s the direction you choose to send this niche idea into!

Retirement Living (on a budget)-  The flip side to those that have planned for a retirement are the people who don’t or can’t.  They deserve to live comfortably as well, and your site could show practical planning, saving, and spending advice designed for those folks.

small business ideas

Small businesses are always looking for great ideas!

Small business advice-  Small businesses can rely on you to offer a wide range of content designed to help survive and thrive.

This is a wide open niche that can cover specific businesses, or the concept of small business as a whole.  All small business could use direction on sales building, branding, promotion, and finances.

Small business grants-  Your site could offer a comprehensive clearing house of information on what types of grants are available to small business, and where to find them.

Laws and grants pertaining to them change all the time, so keeping up to date would be very useful/

Sports Betting-  For some, betting is a business all to it’s own.  Providing guidance, tips and hints on learning this “sport” could help those earn the extra money they seek.

Start a Business-  Many people toy with the idea of owning their own business.  Give them a comprehensive rundown of all the factors that go into planning a business.

“Money and time are two things we never have enough of”

Strategies, market research, industry forecasting, etc. would all go very well here.  In addition,  you can cover pros and cons, the legal aspects, and much, much more.  This is a very wide open niche!

Tax Help-  Whether it is personal or business taxes (your site could feature both!), tax law and strategy is a big topic.  Help people understand and navigate through this rather complex field.

Time Management-  Everyone could use some strategies to better manage their time!  Lots of tips and hints, tying in with books, would be great content.

Writing a Will-  Provide content that teaches people about the process of writing a will.

Whew!!!!  That was a lot of Money Business Ideas!!!  Let’s wrap this thing up with some spare change

No matter which money niche ideas you choose, you are going to need a responsive and helpful “home” to build your empire on.  You need guides, tutorials, a solid hosting platform, help along the way, a content builder, and much more along the way.

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