Motivation for entrepreneurs: 20 fresh tips

As you grind through your day to day, building and honing your niche ideas into a formidable business, entrepreneur motivationyou may find yourself, at times, facing a frustrating crossroads.  It is here that we offer some motivation for entrepreneurs!

The following is a compilation of motivational tips for the entrepreneurs who are afraid of starting or moving on with their online projects.

1. Defeat Failure phobia

Online business entrepreneurs should know that no business ever started without taking a risk. Failure has a way of propelling one to the next level of life. Tear down the failure facade and jump-start your business.

2. Passion is key

One of my biggest tips when speaking of motivation for entrepreneurs is passion. Always keep in mind that passion has a bigger portion in the success story than almost anything else. Pursuing your line of business is easier when you have passion for what you do, and it makes you more interested in doing further research. You won’t feel it to be uncomfortable to extend a bit at night hours.

There are many, many nights that I don’t realize how late it has gotten, because I love what I do!  I get caught up in writing and engaging with others, that I sometimes even forget to go to bed!

3. Be positive

One aspect of positivity is viewing a challenge as a steppingstone. There will be lots of doubters as you venture into a business of your own.  Some of that doubt-actually, most of it- will come from within yourself!

I use pictures and sticky notes, placed around my desk, to remind me of all the blessings I have in my life, and some I want to keep working harder for, such as vacations and new cars, and a secure future for my family.

I sprinkle my desk some motivational quotes, and images that provide motivation for entrepreneurs just like me.

And that is another key- remember, you ARE doing this!  You are an entrepreneur, so act like it everyday!

Think of your projects as a viable business, long before they are considered such by others.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

A big part of developing and maintaining a positive flow in your life is surrounding yourself with like minded people This will sharpen your skills and your outlook indirectly. people like this have a way of influencing your decisions in the right direction.

5. Target is key

A hunter should never shoot an arrow without having seen the prey- the target. Likewise, in business, your ability to aim the target is equally integral. Have your daily, weekly and monthly target.

6. Find your inspiration

Inspiration is a drug that keeps you going strong when others give in. Find the success stories from people already established. This gives you a tap on your shoulder to keep moving in tough times.

7. Don’t be over-obsessed with vision

Obsession can be a disease that breeds paralysis. Pursue your vision without having the pressure to get to the ‘big company.’ Rome was never built in a single day. Acknowledge that every step in business matters. Small profits generate big gains.

8. Run your race

Don’t run the race of others. Develop your own style.  it’s fine to analyze and get ideas from other sources, but don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things!

9. Develop a healthy routine

Sometimes, people will forget that their health is the driving force for work. Take good care of you-body, mind, and spirit-so that you can flourish when it’s time to work.  Don’t compromise your commitment to success!

10. Read and learn

Everybody should be a student of life. You should never outgrow the urge to learn new things. Knowledge is never perishable. Reading an entrepreneurial article will add a tip or two to the bulk of your knowledge.

Most successful business people read books constantly, and they have a innate thirst for knowledge.  They are not opposed to looking at new ways of doing things, and adding new knowledge and skills.

11. Morning routines are key

A productive day is, in most cases, developed very early in the morning. Every morning, learn to develop a list of the goals that you wish to achieve at the end of the day. Three-quarters of these goals should be work-related. This will assist you to stay focused in the course of the day.

12. Have some Reminders

In as much as you have some set goals (both short-term and long-term), reminders will assist you to avoid losing focus. They will keep you on track.

13. Have a mentor

It’s important to note that, no matter where you are in your business, you should have a mentor.  A mentor is someone who espouses the qualities you are striving for, and someone that can be available for conservation and development.

At times, you will learn more out of teaching others.  As you move forward with your relationship with your mentor, you may get a lot out of being a mentor yourself. If your business is somehow established, help another person cross the bridge.

14. Sleep is important

However sweet the job is, remember to have enough sleep. Sleep gives you the propulsion energy for the next day. It relaxes your mind. Do not overwork to get rich. Do not work the whole night just to meet a goal. Even deadlines are at times adjustable.

15. Set boundaries

One  source of distractions as you build your business will be family and friends. I don’t mean to sound alarmingly negative, but you have to set boundaries around your work time, in the same manner you do when you are at your real-world job.

You may find this hard at times, because no one will understand until you have a viable business to show for your efforts.  However, in order to get there, you need to treat everything-including your work time-as if your business was already huge.

16. Reward self

People forget to reward themselves. Treat yourself once in a while. Celebrate each accomplish and milestone as you set them.  don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every once in a while!

17. Record keeping

I keep all my paper notes that i make as i build sites and content, and refer to them from time to time.  I can’t tell you how important certain things have been to me, long after I had forgotten that I even wrote it down!

18. Confront challenges

Do not run away from challenges. What you cannot confront becomes difficult to concur. Face your challenges head-on.

19. Win with Perseverance

Robert Schuller once said that “tough times never last, but tough people do”. It cannot be put more aptly than this. Do not be derailed by challenges.

20. Remember why you started

This is the last one but not the least one. Always remind yourself why you started. When things are not working out, always get back to the drawing board.
I really hope this article gives motivation for entrepreneurs out there, which includes you!


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