Boating Niche Market (Game Plan)

Our Boating Niche Market guide is designed to give you a starting point for your new journey!

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Boating Niche Market

One of the most popular hobbies, recreational boating is a deep passion for millions of people.

This activity can also be pretty expensive,and there a lot of products and services connected to it.

This gives you a lot of options regarding what your niche site focuses on, which products you choose to highlight, etc.

Also, given the fact that there many different types of boats, each one can represent a different niche category on its’ own.

The following report will broadly cover some of the more popular research on the boating industry.  We will break some of these down to individual boating segments in future reports!  Feel free, however, to connect with me and request your favorite!  I’ll whip it up, and post it!

Boating is a booming industry!  Annual U.S. sales of boats, marine products and services are estimated to total $42 billion in 2019.

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TOP JAAXY KEYWORDS for the Boating niche market

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boating niche market keywords













Suggestions for related topics to expand or segment your site to fit your interest and cater to specific  audiences.

• how to sail
• boat safety
• saltwater boating
• freshwater boating
• different boat types
• small boats
• large boats
• boat lifestyle
• ratings and reviews of lakes and other bodies of water (and surrounding areas)


Some sample headlines that will inspire great content. Get even more, with details of the type of content that would fit these headlines, with each and every BluePrint! In addition, our Article Snack Packs

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  • BOATING tips – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It
    • Top 25 Quotes On BOATING
    • 3 Mistakes In BOATING That Make You Look Dumb
    • The Ultimate Guide To BOATING
    • 101 Ideas For BOATING
    • Why I Hate BOATING (tongue in cheek/humor)
    • How To Learn BOATING
    • Boat reviews
    • Boat equipment reviews


….and we’re not done with the BOATING Niche Market!!

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