3 Popular Niche Marketing Misconceptions

niche marketing misconceptionsSpecializing in Niche Markets has never been as crucial as it is today. Long gone are the days when you can target general, broad markets and make money from them.  We will cover some niche marketing misconceptions, and give you our take on them.

To make money in today’s Internet Marketing environment, one must specialize in well defined niche topics.

Lets examine a few misconceptions when it comes to niche marketing.

Misconception #1: You do not have to be an expert in the Niche field you choose!

Everyone says you should only choose a Niche that you are an expert in…nonsense!

The Internet is so impersonal that you can easily appear as an expert and not know anything about that particular niche topic. The key is to appear as an expert. How? You can outsource, build niche sites with no interaction such as blogs, purchase resale rights to an e-book in a particular niche.

In addition, there are courses you can take, videos you can watch, and just about any type of learning to help understand a niche.  What it DOES require, however, is the thirst for knowledge to truly learn and dominate your niche.

Niche Marketing Misconception #2: Choose one niche market and stick with it.

Not true! Once you establish yourself in one niche and develop a profitable system, choose another one and run with it. You can even choose a pen name if you like, it’s common practice to do so.

Stick with tried and true methods for building out your site, writing content, and promoting.  Don’t get too cute and fancy, and forget all the over hyped “success systems” that are out there.  Concentrate on getting ONE site created and promoted correctly, then move forward.

Niche marketing is a numbers game. Once you find a profitable niche put it on auto-pilot and choose another niche market to get into.  There are many bloggers and niche marketers that operate many sites.  Our sister site, ez-passive-income.com covers that topic almost exclusively.

If is also wise to find a web host that can easily accommodate many sites, and offers a simple log in to any of them from one interface.

In addition, it is also a big help to have 24/7 help, and a plethora of active training.  My suggestion for all this and more is my hosting platform, Wealthy Affiliates.

Misconception #3: The best way to make money in the niche game is to promote niche products as an affiliate.

Wrong again! Sure, becoming an affiliate and promoting niche products can be very profitable, but if you are doing this, you’re not maximizing your income.

You need to promote your own landing or squeeze page where you collect the e-mail address of the visitor, and then sending him or her to the niche product you are promoting. You should also send out an e-mail course with informative information pertaining to that particular niche market to gain the visitors trust. Since your subscriber now trusts you, you can recommend products in that niche again and again, knowing your recommendation holds a lot of weight.

Those are three popular misconceptions when it comes to niche marketing. Follow the tips above, and you will be more likely to succeed. Remember, it is important to find a profitable niche, set it up so it is on auto-pilot, then move on to the next niche.

Not all niche markets will be a slam dunk, so don’t get discouraged.

Even if one out of ten become really profitable, sit down and smile, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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  • Good Morning, this has been very informative. I am with WA. It is great to get your insight and share it with the audience, making me at ease and getting much more. Encouraging !

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