Online Marketing Mistakes: Are you “All that” or “falling flat”??


online marketing mistakesContent is,  and should forever be, the driving force behind your business. Essentially, it’s what steers traffic to you – meaning, you don’t have to go out and hunt down customers; instead they come to you.

You have likely heard that “Content is King”, a phrase that rings especially true when talking online marketing.

Our world is flooded with technology and the gadgets it creates, and as such, we’ve become accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it.

Because of this,  it’s no wonder the Internet has become one of the world’s most valuable resources, simply because it’s always available. We can slide online and in no time find information on just about anything.

And where does that information come from?
You got it – content.

By building great content for all those information seekers, they will find their way to your website. And that means you don’t have to go out and find them, because your content does all the work for you!

Overlooking content as your primary marketing strategy is a HUGE mistake!!

Focusing on great information (AKA content) should be your #1 marketing strategy!  Content creates a lasting footprint that keeps gaining traction as time goes on (provided it is quality content).

Here’s the big mistakes you may be missing in your marketing campaigns, and how good content marketing can overcome these online marketing mistakes:

Who Are You?

Online marketing mistakes:  you normally can’t just slap ads up everywhere and sell a bunch of stuff without people wanting to know who they are dealing with.  Content connects and builds relationships.

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online marketing mistakes overviewI’m going to assume that plenty of people in your town know who you are, including your friends and family. These people probably know if you’re trustworthy or not.

The audience you speak to online, however, don’t know you at all. When they don’t know you, how can they feel confident and trust when you recommend or promote a product?

Content introduces and establishes you. It’s much harder to build that rapport online than in person, and content is the best way to build that relationship.

Your audience will become familiar with you through the content you produce and distribute. They will be able to experience your knowledge of your chosen niche. The trust you build with this information will, hopefully turn visitors into relationships.  Relationships that can blossom into sales.

Content establishes you as the “go-to” person in your niche. People will begin to associate you with a particular product or service when they’re in need.

Are you for real?

Online marketing mistakes:  assuming people will automatically trust you because you have professional ad copy and a well-built affiliate offer.

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online marketing mistakes trustWith all the good the internet gives us, it’s also a hotbed of scammers and spammers. As a result, people have become incredibly skeptical about offers they see online. There are far too many people touting their products as high-quality, and then they simply don’t deliver.

Another problem are claims that “miracles” will happen when they buy a product or service.  All too often, this anticipation leads to empty promises and disappointment.

Unfortunately, these “marketers” have made it difficult for the legitimate business. Consumers have become hardened to all claims, valid or not, and getting them to feel confident about
purchasing from can be tough to do.

Content will help overcome skepticism, simply because you’re proving to them to be a genuine expert.

Pick Me, me, me!!!

Online marketing mistakes: assuming you are the only choice for the consumer.  whatever niche you are in, you will ave competition.  Better quality content is a way to separate yourself from the other guys.


online marketing mistakes choicesYou may be getting some exposure for your business, but there’s still one problem you have to navigate. You are most likely not the only one selling products or services in your niche market!

You are likely competing against several other businesses vying for the attention of your niche market. You will need to develop a way to stand out and show potential customers that you’re the one to choose.

Your content will be key for your business. You need to provide your target market with information that your competitors aren’t giving them. High quality content about the chosen niche helps get you ahead as an expert in that particular field.

Do they remember you?

Online marketing mistakes:  assuming people will just find you and always refer back to you.  Content and email sign ups should create a “sticky” environment that puts you square on the radar of your audience!

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online marketing mistakes remember meHow many times have you visited a website and left never to visit again? You may have liked the site, but there was nothing to stick in your mind.  You may not even remember how to find it again!

Regardless of the reason,  the fact remains that everyday internet users view tons of websites.  When it comes time  to make a purchase will they remember you?  In order to get them to visit your website again, they need to remember that you exist.

Grabbing a visitor one time is simply not enough. You need to find a way to become “top of mind” when it comes time to purchase. Your website needs to be memorable. You need to give your visitors what they are looking for…. information.  Information that is better than anywhere else.

Great content is what will make your site memorable.  Give your visitors frequent unique and superior content and keep your website “top of mind”.

The more information (content) they see from you, the more they start to remember your name. Instead of “Do I remember you”?; they will be saying “Oh yeah, I remember you. You’re
the company I’m looking for!”

Help me!  I’m lost!!

Online marketing mistakes:  not getting your message out to all the places that your typical audience will congregate.


online marketing mistakes mapInternet users are usually looking for topical information. You have the information they need on your website. That’s great, but these internet users need to be able to find you!

Sometimes, you may have to go where these people are in order to help them find their way to your site.

Having great content on your site is key, but it’s not enough.

You have to expand and get your content out there, in more than one place in order to increase the chances of these potential internet users to find you.

Forums, social media groups, and article directories are all great places to post content, give advice, and provide a link to your site.  Research the places that your niche audience congregates, and develop a presence there.

How can I trust you?

Online marketing mistakes:  not building trust into all your content and marketing efforts.  


This is the big one! You need the trust of your visitors if you are going to sell anything. As stated earlier, you must establish your brand and overcome the skeptic.

You won’t find many people anymore that blindly trust and purchase from unknown sources, no matter how good the product or service may be.

Start establishing the trust with your prospects through superior, well-crafted content. The content you create and publish will help visitors see your value.

As your expertise becomes more evident, the trust grows. Great content is the best advertising strategy you can employ!

There are many more benefits content marketing brings your business.  We have touched on a few on the most critical.

I wish you all the best on your journey!

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  • Marco

    i made a similar mistake by giving someone my content needs. She did a treble job. And wasted my whole reputation. Now i’m writing my content, its not great but i’m satisfied with it.

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