Pump your site up with these Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

bodybuilding affiliate programsBodybuilding is a great sub-niche of the fitness category, and these top bodybuilding affiliate programs will grow your site..and your bottom line!

Forbes estimates that the health and fitness industry is valued at about $30 in 2018, and is expected to grow by 3-4% every year.

Build your business by catering to a passionate fan base, with great content.  Further your reach with affiliations from great bodybuilding companies, suggesting and recommending products and services.

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Our top Bodybuilding Affiliate programs

bodybuilding.com affiliate program






One of the most well-known e-commerce brands, BodyBuilding.com caters products to both hardcore and casual fitness enthusiasts.

A vast selection of products include nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, apparel, and much more.

The BodyBuilding.com affiliate offers a very nice selection of banners and ad graphics.  They offer a very robust affiliate help center to aid marketers with tools and knowledge.

The program features two ways to make money- direct sales of products, and commissions for memberships into their BodyFit fitness training service.

The BodyBuilding.com affiliate program is managed by Impact.  They manually reviews applications, and usually deliver a response in about 72 hours, according to their website.

The commission structure is average (about 8%), but the one-time use cookie is not ideal.  However, the brand recognition may be something to consider.  Here is a snippet from the affiliate FAQ:

New affiliates with fitness- and nutrition-related content
websites earn a 8% commission rate on orders completed by customers that are new to
Bodybuilding.com, and a 3% commission rate on orders completed by customers that have shopped
with Bodybuilding.com before. Please note that our tracking cookie is one-time-use only, so whether the
customer is new or repeat, only one transaction they submit upon an affiliate referral will be eligible for
commission. This means that in order for affiliates to earn commissions on subsequent orders by a
customer they refer, that customer will have to click through to Bodybuilding.com on that affiliate’s link.

affiliate info link:  https://www.bodybuilding.com/store/affiliate.htm


stacklabs affiliate program


Stack Labs scpecializes in the sports nutrition that fuels serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.  They are a very popular company in this niche, featuring many industry-leading supplement formulas, made in the USA.

Their affiliate program is just as “stacked” as them!

Average orders of over $110, coupled with a 5% conversion rate, are music to the ears of anyone running a site in this niche.

The support they give their affiliates are second to none as well.  They offer a wealth of banners and creatives, special training and promotions for bonuses, and help every step of the way.  They seem very invested in the success of their affiliates!

Here’s what really stopped me in my tracks- their commission is an astounding 45% and they offer lifetime cookies!  That alone would make me want to promote StackLabs!

affiliate link:  https://www.stacklabs.com/affiliate-area/

crazybulk affiliate program



A popular e-commerce site for serious athletes and bodybuilders, CrazyBulk specializes in complex and effective sports nutrition and supplements.

Their affiliate program boasts a 40% commission, and 100% commission weekends for high performing affiliates.

Their average order is over $78 and they boast a 4.5% conversion rate.  They offer a wide range of promotional tools and education, including a resource guide and keywords list.

The CrazyBulk.com affiliate program is managed by MoreNiche.

affiliate link:  https://moreniche.com/offers/crazybulk/

all star health affiliate program


All Star Health

A huge shopping site that offers much more than mere supplements, All Star Health caters to almost any type of health regimen.  They offer a wide selection of products, making this a wise choice to promote across several health and fitness categories and niche ideas.

Their affiliate programs offers a 10% commission, with a bump to 14% once established.  They offer 30 day cookies for sales.

They manually approve new affiliates,a nd their website says it takes about a week.

affiliate link:  https://www.allstarhealth.com/af.aspx


hgh.com affiliate program





Famous for their 90 day money back guarantee, HGH specializes in health supplements and proprietary HGH supplements for a wide range of uses, including-but not limited to-bodybuilding.

HGH has earned a lot of wards for their e-commerce operations,and is a member of the BBB.

Their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale .  The terms of their program is listed below, taken from their own affiliate page.


  • Highest commissions paid in the industry – earn between 15-50%!
  • Products and offers tested to ensure the highest sales conversion and commission.
  • The latest affiliate technology ensuring every sale you send us is tracked.
  • Products utilizing in-demand ingredients which are hot TODAY.
  • Endorsements from leading bodybuilders.
  • Industry-leading support to ensure your long-term success.
  • New products created monthly as emerging scientific advancements present themselves.


affiliate link:  ShareASale


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