Social Media Marketing: Win and Grow Your Brand

social media marketingIt’s no secret that social media marketing is becoming a crucial piece to any website marketing strategy.  We’ll cover some tips in some unique ways that we feel will set you apart and give you a sharp edge in the congested and fast-paced social media landscape.

Social media marketing: the good and the bad

The good: social media marketing is instant

The bad:  social media marketing is instant

If you build an audience through posts, or even through ads, you can connect and convey your message immediately.  This can, however, also be a curse, as your message soon gets buried under an avalanche of other stuff.

You usually have only a few seconds to connect with your audience.

This list offers a few things to add to your arsenal, and perhaps make your social media efforts memorable and lucrative!

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Understand the psychology of sharing in social media marketing

social media marketing sharingWhy do people share? What makes a video go viral? No one can really set out with the intention of creating something guaranteed to go viral.

Some things increase your likelihood of a hit (such as keeping a video short, making it funny and/or shocking) but there’s a lot of luck involved and a certain ‘X Factor’ that can’t be quantified.

But by examining why people share, you can greatly improve your chances. And this basically comes down to remembering the purpose of social media and why people sign up in the first place.

First and foremost, people sign up to social media for communication. This is a means of staying in touch with friends and expressing yourself.  And that means you are much more likely to share content if it helps you to do either of those things.

That expression is one VERY big part of this.

When we socialize in the real world, a lot of this involves thinking about the image we want to project. That’s why we wear certain clothes, buy watches and jewelry, and workout. We also love to tell people all about ourselves! That narcissism is even more obvious on social media where most of what we post is about ourselves!

So if you create an online quiz, then you can understand why it is likely to be very successful with people sharing their results! Even still, if you create a blog post with a very clear identity that says something about your readers – then people will share that as a way to show that they identify with what you’ve said and this in turn allows them to express themselves in that way.

Take and use AMAZING photos in social media marketing

social media marketing photographyPosting images on social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest has a profound impact.  Your photos have to tell a story, sell a dream, etc.  they must capture attention, and draw your audience in, in order to have impact, i.e. get your desired result.

If your using stock images, be very selective.  Pay for premium.  Pay extra for custom work.  Do something that sets you apart, but also captures EXACTLY what you mean to project.

If you will be creating your own images, here’s a few suggestions:

  • A good starting tip is to invest in a better camera. This will instantly give you much better looking shots and more options as you can take photos in lower light, or adjust things such as the focus so that you can blur out the background. All these things will help you to build a bigger audience while also creating a more professional look and feel for your social media accounts that will bring in more followers.
  • Think about lighting–  Rembrandt lighting is best which means that you’re lighting your subjects from the side rather than head on which creates ‘flat lighting’
  • Think about composition–  Give your images a sense of depth, which draws the audience inside your world.    Images can achieve this depth by having elements in the fore, mid, and backgrounds.  Some images do this by having something that leads from the foreground to the background, such as a road or train tracks.
  • Tell a story – Don’t always make your subject obvious. Instead of taking a photo of a party, try photographing the aftermath of the party, or an empty glass with confetti around it. This tells the audience more and creates a much more artistic shot.


Promotions to get attention in your social media marketing efforts

Offering discounts is a way of providing a sense of value to your audience.

So if you run a promotion and pay for advertising on Facebook, you can set it up so that it only costs you money when someone actually bites and pays for your product. This means you can precisely calculate your profits and feed money into your advertising to increase turnover and revenue!

Experiment with other styles of content in your social media marketing

social media marketing infographic

Example of an infographic

Aside from the obvious forms of social content- videos on YouTube, images on Pinterest, for example-there are tons of other types of content that promote engagement from your audience.

Quizzes are very popular, and there are many styles, from very simple to complex.  This is a great way to ask for engagement with the audience, and provides a fun way to get your message across.

Infographics are a growing in popularity, and provide a fantastic visual engagement for the audience.  A well done infographic coveys a lot of information in a visual style that is appealing and educational.


Automate your social media marketing efforts

social media automationRunning a website and keeping your social reach fresh and current can be a lot of work.  When you arrive at a point where you feel you need, there are services that can help automate some of these duties.

Services such as (If This Then That) and Hootsuite assist with social tasks such as scheduling posts, and posting across multiple social accounts at once.

Cultivate your true fans

All of these tips above have one single purpose in mind:  to create true fans out of your followers.  Your goal should be to make people passionate about your brand. Don’t think about quantity, think about quality.

In return, you should get a higher quality of fan – people who value the work you’re putting in, your original and unique content and your vision.

Gaining fans as opposed to followers sets you up better for the long term.  Which is most likely your goal.

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