Start An Online Business: The Starter Pack

Intro: Start an Online Business

We try to provide a lot of content here at NICHE-WEEKLY on how to start an online business.  We realize,however, that if you arestart an online business just starting, things can get overwhelming.

This handy page will list some of the content we recommend to get you rolling.  Navigate through the various links, and keep this page open to keep moving forward.

If I can help in any way, please email me at

Start simple, keep coming back as you gain more experience and formulate new questions.


Choose Your Niche/ Niche Research

Maybe you already have an idea for your site.  Maybe you don’t.  the following links should help in either situation.

Think about what you love, and what you would love to learn.  Think about your interest level, not just about profits.

Learn a bit more about searching for and choosing a niche

Scan our Online Business Ideas articles for hundreds of niches!

Hot Niche Markets: Targeting a Winner this year….and Beyond

Finding Your Niche: The Super Guide

How to find niche ideas: the (probably not) complete guide

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Grab some bite-sized samples of niche research

Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate, to connect with a huge community of niche website builders!

Scope out our member site for full length niche reports, training, and much more!

Build a Niche Site

Build Your Site Right!

Once you have a niche idea you want to work with (or maybe a few of them!!), there are a few steps to begin your online business.

Here’s the steps, and a great solution at the end.

Obviously, you are free to choose any path for all these steps.  I found, however, that I spent a lot of time and money trying to piece all these parts together on their own.

  • Pick a cool domain name for your new site.  Build a brand, instead of trying to stuff only keywords into the name.
  • Pick a place to host your new site.  The ideal spot will offer very reliable hosting, the options to build as many as 10 sites on one account, SSL certificates included, and easy to understand site metrics.

Be wary of bargain basement hosting.  They will cost more in the long run, and setting everything up can sometimes be very intimidating to newbies.

  • Set up an email for your new site.  Building an email list will become one of the most invaluable tools for your business.
  • Sign up for free images and graphics to brighten up your niche site ( I use pixabay for a lot of stuff)

When it comes to all of the above components, there are many, many places to get all of this.

I, however, recommend using only ONE place, to keep things easy.

After a LOT of trial and error- as well as a bunch of money and time- I found a home that offered everything I needed, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, a complete training program, and live help 24/7.  Give it a look and see if it’s right for you!- you can try it out FREE!!

Write Great Content

There are a variety of ways to build out niche sites, including:

  • Review sites
  • Price comparison sites
  • Coupon sites
  • Unusual products sites
  • Shopping sites

Our focus here at NICHE-WEEKLY (and NICHE-FACTORY) is on building authority sites.  This means that we concentrate on building niche-focused sites that strive to build amazing content.  This content marketing philosophy is the best way to grow as an authority in your niche.

If you agree with that approach, then here are some links for further reading on the subject of great content.

Copywriting skills that pay the bills

21 Breakthrough Tricks for great website content ideas

What is content in marketing? An overview of why it matters

Storytelling Marketing: The timeless Art that will Build Your Brand


Choose an Income Strategy

In most cases, you are hoping to earn an income from your website effort.  There are a variety of ways to do that.  Perhaps the most effective method that we discuss a lot is affiliate marketing.

Because of the ease of signing up and promoting these offers, a well-chosen affiliate program can fit in well with your content theme.

Check out our ever expanding catalog of top affiliate sites to promote on your niche site:

Niche-specific affiliate programs


Amazon sites– although it is still basically an affiliate program, many people create entire “themes” around certain products, creating a catalog.

Here’s an article to get started:

Juicy tips for building solid Amazon affiliate websites

There are a bunch of ways to build a site around products:

Here’s an example of a site that uses unusual products to draw attention to them.

That site draws people in to look at these weird offers, even though most people never buy them.  They pop over to Amazon to check out these products, and usually wind up buying other stuff.

Amazon gives you commission for anything the customer purchases, up to 30 days later (in some cases).

This site claims to earn around $20,000 per month!!  Talk about a GREAT idea!  Think outside the box with your site!

Review sites– Here’s a couple of HUGE sites that focus on providing product reviews.  When done right, review sites can be an impressive way to earn affiliate commission, while all the while not seeming like an affiliate site.

TheWireCutter– a HUGE review site that boasts over 8 million visitors and over $150 million in e-commerce sales!!!

GearPatrol– this review site, attracting over 3 million visitors, reads more like a magazine than a review site.  I really love the way they package their content!


Themed product sites– These sites take a collection of products that form a targeted niche. site centers around the “geeky” or “nerdy” pop culture.

You can target almost any niche idea you have- board games, goth clothing, etc.  Any small niche can be prime territory for a site such as this.

Tiny niche market sites–  these sites concentrate on just a small segment of products, relying on certain main keywords, and not straying from that theme.  These sites will probably not make a ton of money, but combined with a few of these, could produce a very nice income stream.


Price Comparison sites– sites such as these take a category of products or services, and provides prices from all over the web.  Think about mega-sites such as Trivago.

These sites require certain plug-ins to operate (check out one here).

These sites can be big winners, especially if you do a little research on most searched for products.  Anything that YOU probably comparison shop yourself is probably a great place to start the brainstorming.

An example:



Get the Word Out

website promotion

Let People Know Who You Are!

SEO and Organic Traffic– Gaining organic traffic should ALWAYS form the foundation of your niche sites.  Even if you delve into other ads and social media campaigns, solid SEO should be the backbone of your traffic strategy.

After spending tons of time and money researching SEO ‘tips and tricks”, the solution is clear.  Simple, solid, straightforward always wins the day.

Google’s one main goal is to deliver the most relevant content to the end user.  All of their updates shouldn’t worry you, if you are following the simple SEO guidelines:

  • Pick good keywords that illustrate what you are trying to say.  This includes using “buying” keywords if you are selling something.

See how Jaaxy works….play with some keywords:

  • Write “outstanding” content- to back up the keywords, you must write on that subject.  Stay in the lines, providing the user with what they came for.  Don’t just slap a few words together and call it a day.  Go in-depth, use graphics and images, and throw some of your personality into it.  In short, make your content better than everyone else’s.
  • While writing, I use Yoast for solid on-page SEO.  The Yoast plug-in keeps me on track, so I can just write.

On page SEO basics from Yoast 

Online Marketing Mistakes: Are you “All that” or “falling flat”??

Social Media–  There’s no denying the impact that social media has on site promotion.  Integrating your projects with solid social media presence is a MUST these days!

Social media resources can complement your website or blog.  Facebook groups, YouTube channels, Pinterest groups, etc. all can have a profound impact on your visibility.

Building Business pages on FaceBook

Social Media Marketing: Win and Grow Your Brand

Email List-  Building an email list is very important!  It keeps you in contact with your audience, provides a way to offer updates and products, and demonstrates a deeper level of commitment by your audience.  You can use a variety of email providers, I lean towards MailChimp.

How to Build an Email List by MailChimp

Creating an Email List by Aweber


Get Excited to Start An Online Business Today!!

motivation for entrepreneurs

Motivation is the Key to Success!


Remember, it will take a good amount of both time and effort to build a business online.  Shortcuts and “tricks” rarely work, and they are short lived if they work at all.

Even though it’s not the sexiest thing, doing things right will pay off, and set you on course for long term viability.

So many great ideas get left behind because people find it hard to juggle building an online business with their regular life.

Regular job, family, and real life situations all must take priority.  Setting aside some time, however, and staying motivated through the tough times is something I also focus on here at NICHE-WEEKLY.

In fact, staying excited and diligent to your goals is perhaps the most important aspect of creating something great online!

Skyrocket Your Results with these Productivity Tips!!

6 Magic Ways to Build Motivation for Success

Motivation for entrepreneurs: 20 fresh tips


I sincerely hope this article can help you start an online business.  While this is only the beginning, I hope you will dive deeper into our content once you get a solid foundation built.

I wish you all the best!

About Me

Rob Moore, Niche-WeeklyHi, I’m Rob, creator of NICHE-WEEKLY and NICHE-FACTORY.  My passions are market research and online marketing….and coffee!!

I hope you gained some insight and inspiration from this post, and invite you to poke around here and see what else we offer.

When I’m not here building new content, you can find me active in the community of my favorite affiliate marketing training center and web host!











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