Why NICHE-Weekly succeeds….and how you can too! The Wealthy Affiliate review

When I started this online journey (years ago), I struggled to piece together all the different parts that would eventually lead to a successful online career.  I found a home for all my business needs, so I thought it would be helpful to give you the Wealthy Affiliate review.

What a big, adult sized puzzle!the wealthy affiliate review

First, there is finding secure and robust hosting.

Then, there is building a website, including all the different tricks and tips for design and site speed.

Next comes the cumbersome process of finding and understanding keyword research.  Knowing all the different aspects of keywords, and trying to choose (and not overuse) them can make your head spin.

I haven’t even mentioned content creation yet, which will be the main reason anybody visits your site and stays.  It’s going to be the only way you can build trust with your audience- If you know how to do it right!

Too many times, I would get stuck, and then what?  I would spend time Googling certain questions, only to get mixed answers, or none at all.  The sites and forums I would spend time finding often times didn’t have people committed to true, real success, making it tough to separate good information from BS.

components of the wealthy affiliate review

There are many factors that go into a successful site. Wouldn’t it make sense to have solutions all in one place? The Wealthy Affiliate review that you are reading will give you some reasons why WA is the answer!

If it’s gonna take a while, then DO IT RIGHT

I would assume that you are interested in making money online, and building a true, sustainable, and long-term career out of it.  Don’t you have visions similar to that?

If your dreams look similar to that, then there are two things to know:

  • It will take time- “nothing done right was done overnight.”  I know this might not be easy to hear, but be patient and concentrate on the right things, and you will go far.
  • You need total confidence in the tools you use to build.  That means trusting a proven process, and not getting hooked on “bright and shiny” training and courses that promise instant and easy results.

If you’re like me, you know already that.  But it’s hard to peel your eyes away from all the “gurus” and all their exciting promises.  Many of these offers will either not pan out at all, or lead to severe Google penalties.  In other words, they are generally NOT helping you build something long term.

It took me years….it could only take you minutes!

I trudged through this virtual world of scams and shady stuff for years, always taking chances on all the stuff I mentioned before.  I would pour my heart and soul (and some of my hard-earned money, as well!) into these offers, only to get disappointed in the end.

I’m willing to bet we are a lot alike!  You have a limited amount of money to invest, not much time, and are hoping to craft a small, money making venture into something  that someday could turn into a full time occupation.

If that sounds a lot like you, then I have a suggestion that will save time, money, and headaches.  It will take work and some time, but this is by far the best all-in-one solution I have found.

Get started at Wealthy Affiliate totally FREE today!


rob moore niche-weekly

Hi there! I’m Rob, creator of NICHE-weekly. Thanks for reading the Wealthy Affiliate review!

The Wealthy Affiliate review from my view…..and here’s why

Like I said before, I had scuffled along with a variety of other programs and ideas, but nothing put things together quite like Wealthy Affiliate.

Here, I found an unbelievable amount of training, robust hosting, a remarkable and innovative keyword tool, and a vibrant community of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

Wealthy Affiliate is much more than hosting, much more than training, and much more than research.  It is an all-inclusive business building platform.

The price is one factor that has stopped me before ($49/month or $359/year as of right now), but I had to reconsider once I added up what I was spending on other things that didn’t provide half the benefits of Wealthy Affiliates.  I also knew that I would have to invest in my success, but i needed to get value for that money spent.

If you pay yearly in advance (highly recommended), you’re only spending around $29 per month.  This is an absolute bargain for what you get.   Robust and fast hosting with SSL certificates (included on all sites within Wealthy Affiliate) alone would cost that much.

Also keep in mind that your premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate enables you to create and manage up to 25 websites on one platform!  That divides out to just over $1 per website per month!  Even better than that,  you can manage and log-in to any of your websites, check stats and other details of each website, all on one page!  This is a huge advantage and convenience for me.

Perhaps best of all is the community.  I have had numerous questions as I have moved along in the program.  I have found almost instant answers, 24/7, each and every time.  There are members who have been there for over 10 years!  That figure alone breeds confidence that this business building platform works!

The professional support is just as remarkable!  Again, if I have had questions or concerns with anything on my sites or concerning my membership, I have answers in minutes, compared to at least 24 hours for other platforms, if at all.  I never feel stuck as I work.  I can get questions or technical issues solved quickly, and keep moving forward.

This is the Wealthy Affiliate review that focuses on the positive!

Please keep in mind that I am a Wealthy Affiliate member (I’m sure you already figured that out by now!  LOL), but I hope this can work to your advantage.  I want you to know from a member what awaits on the other side, and what type of value this complete business platform offers.

My business efforts online never amounted to much until Wealthy Affiliate.  It is due in large part to the training, support, and tools available all in one place.  This amount of concentrated and focused content, along with superb hosting, keeps me doing what I want- building sites and moving forward.

As you research Wealthy Affiliate, you will most likely come across reviews that are less than flattering.  Please keep in mind two things are you cruise those reviews:

  • People target these keywords, write negative reviews just to get hits and traffic–  Chances are, you will come across negative reviews such as “Wealthy Affiliate scam”, but then you will find that these reviews are loaded with links to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, or to another platform.  Chances are pretty good that these writers have never even used Wealthy Affiliates!  They are merely trying to earn affiliate income, and offer no real advice or perspective.
  • Some people may have actually tried Wealthy Affiliate and been dissatisfied- but why?–  You will never see anything about “get rich quick” or “instant riches” being floated around any of the WA training or forums, but there still are a moderate amount of people who feel cheated when they don’t reach that level immediately.  They will take their grievance to the internet, when in reality they didn’t work hard enough, didn’t learn and grow from the training, and didn’t give their efforts the time to gain momentum.  That is clearly their fault, not WA!

Don’t get me wrong- Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect, but it’s about as close as I’ve ever come to a complete business building platform.

You can try it for free, with many of the features available to you, including building out a website!  You can engage and ask questions to other members as well, allowing you to do you own research.  You have absolutely nothing to lose with the free account.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, and ready to dig deep and build a real business online, I can’t recommend Wealthy Affiliate enough!

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