Top 62 Sports Niche Ideas: It’s time to Play Ball!

sports niche ideasSports fans rejoice!!! Sports is a multi billion dollar industry with tons of opportunity for the savvy .  We slam dunk our top sports niche ideas (no particular ranking) to help you figure out a winning game plan.

Don’t Leave your Sports Niche Ideas on the Bench!

We will give you a roster full of superstars!  The sports niche ideas below are by no means the only ones out there, simply some of our favorites.

To build a championship caliber sports website, a commitment to excellence will quickly move you up in the standings.

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Now, on to the list!

The Top Sports Niche Ideas

Archery Tips-  For the budding archer, provide a wealth of tips and content that keeps your audience on target!

Archery Supplies-  Every good archer needs the best supplies, and you can provide listings and reviews.

Badminton-  Still a great pastime that doesn’t get much press, which is all the more important to provide a how to guides complete with tips and strategies.

A) Baseball Tips (Hitting, Pitching, Fielding)-  Target younger players with tons of tips and hints designed to help them become better baseball players.

B) Baseball Jerseys-  A well crafted e-commerce site designed to sell baseball jerseys from a wide range of styles, and from a number of suppliers.

C) Baseball Memorabilia-  There’s over one hundred years of history to draw from!  Your memorabilia site can take on many forms, from the collector to the super fan!

D) Baseball History-  Speaking of history, building a site devoted to the great and storied history of baseball is a home run!

Basketball Tips-  Build a better basketball player through your use of text, video and graphics!  Combine your media with tips, hints, and strategies.

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basketball niche ideasA) Basketball Jerseys-  You guessed it- same as the baseball jerseys!  Better yet, you could combine basketball, baseball, and football jerseys into a huge shopping site.  Just be sure to put your own unique twist!

B) Basketball Memorabilia-  Just like baseball, basketball has a wealth of history and passionate fans.  Your site can provide quality content that leads into shopping links.

C) Basketball History-  The history of basketball gives you an unlimited opportunity to write great content.  Records, team history, draft picks, etc.  all add up to content that scores big!

Bass Fishing-  Teach people the basics of becoming a great bass fisherman.  Cover the world of professional bass fishing.  Links to boats and other equipment will present high-end commission opportunities!

Biking-  Start interested visitors out on the right foot.  Beginning content based around finding the right bike, coverage of popular biking destinations, and tips for the biker would be great here.

 Boating-  This niche lends itself to high end commissions for various boats.  Coverage of all the different types (bass boats, pontoons, sailboats, etc.) could be sections of a very large site, or chop up into smaller, more focused sites.

Bowling-  Teach the basics, cater to the league player, cover the professional ranks.

Bowling Balls-  Reviews and ratings of all the different types of bowling balls, with shopping links to your favorites!

Deer Hunting-  Connect with the deer hunter!  Lots of content ideas here, with suggestions on guns and other equipment, to favorite hunting spots, and much more.

Duck Hunting-  Write great content that speaks to the serious- and beginning- duck hunter.

A lot of these sports niche ideas make great “lifestyle” sites!

Fishing-  Basic fishing skills and tutorials would be the order of the day here.  Cover different types, from deep sea, fly, and fishing in lakes.

Flag Football-  A great growth area for a good niche site, adults and college-age people are getting more and more involved in this version of the popular sport. Teams and leagues are springing up everywhere these days, which spells a touchdown for you!

Football Tips-  For the aspiring football player, break a site such as this down into various positions, and show the basic skills involved in each.

Fantasy Football-  People feel more connected to the sport they love when the participate in fantasy games.  Fantasy football is by far the most popular of all of these.  Connect with the fan, offer your insights and opinions, and become a trusted site for information.

A) Football Jerseys-  Combine with other football content, or other jersey shopping, or even as a stand alone site.  Football jerseys are the hottest selling sports apparel out there!

B) Football Memorabilia-  Appeal to the fan and serious collector, offering background information and shopping on a variety of football artifacts.

C) Football History-  The rich history of football is prime content for the serious and new fan.

Fly Fishing-  This specific niche of fishing attracts a loyal following.  Provide content on the basics, and highlight great excursion information.  Goes well with travel affiliate programs.

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golf niche ideasGolf Tips-  There are a lot of golf tips websites already out there.  Your job-because it is still a highly sought after keyword- is to separate yourself from the pack.  Provide your own voice to a collection of tips, hints, and strategies to make sure people come to you.

Golf Balls-  Golf balls are always in demand- take it from me, someone who hacks a bunch into the woods every year!

Focus on the top brands, used balls, etc. and provide ratings so people can find the right ball for their game.

Golf Clubs-  Help people decide what clubs to use to fit their game and skill level.  Entire sets, individual clubs, women’s clubs, specialty clubs, etc.  You can also focus on teaching people how to build their own clubs.

Golf History-  Build your site around golf’s esteemed history.  This type of site fits well with memorabilia, for example, signed images of players or prints of historical golf courses such as St. Andrews.

Gymnastics-  Score a perfect 10 with a primer all about beginning in gymnastics!  There are many disciplines to learn, and a whole of fitness and lifestyle content to keep the aspiring gymnast busy.

Hang Gliding-  Shoot for the skies with this great, concentrated niche idea!

Help the beginner or seasoned vet learn, develop, and explore the exciting (and dangerous) world of hang gliding.  There is a lot to cover here, including technique, equipment, and locations.

hockey niche ideasA) Hockey Tips-  Cater to the new and/or improving hockey player with a categories of specific position and skill help.  Cover the strategies of the game as well.

B) Hockey Jerseys- Build out an affiliate site wit loads of hockey gear, including jerseys.  This is idea works well when combined with news and features from the NHL.

C) Hockey Memorabilia-  Professional hockey has a rich history, and a large following all over the world.  Whether you set out to cater to the casual fan or serious collector (or both), there are lots of great companies to partner with.

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Ice Fishing-  Tap into this small, yet vital, niche idea!  Mostly concentrated to states far North in the US, ice fishing is popular all over the world.  A specific sport such as this its’ own terminology, equipment, and things to consider- all of which are prime content targets!

Jai Alai-  This sport is a very popular sport around the world, but not everybody has heard of it.  Be the beacon of knowledge to both the curious sports fan and the athlete interested in this fascinating game!

Jet Skis-  A very popular water sport, you can provide knowledge of the basics, safety, good places to go, and recommended jet skis to buy- a high end affiliate possibility!

Karate-  Promoting both self-discipline and defense, karate is a great skill that many are getting into everyday.

Kayaking-  A great activity that takes skill, you can teach the basics and discuss excursions- with user submitted content.  Affiliate links to gear as well.

Kickboxing-  Teach the basics of this sports, and include training methods for newer folks.

Lacrosse-  Cover how to play, rules, history, and training.

Mixed Martial Arts-  Huge growth industry!  Cover both training for those interesting in getting into MMA, or content designed for those who follow the sport.

NASCAR-  Make race day come alive!  Cover everything NASCAR, with links to merchandise and tickets.

Hit the target every time with your sports niche ideas!

paintball niche ideasPaintball-  A great recreational sport, provide content on the basics of game play, and link to equipment.

Rock Climbing-  Help beginners reach the pinnacle of this sport!

Running-  A huge fitness and lifestyle niche!

Running Shoes-  Combines well with a larger site on running.  Provide reviews and recommendations of the top shoe styles.

Sailing-  A valuable and fun discipline to learn.  Provide the new sea captain with a wealth of sailing techniques and terminology

Scuba Diving-  Help those interested in learning and developing skills in scuba diving, as well as features on top spots for diving.

Skateboarding-  A real passion for millions, teach the basics and some advanced skills.  Links to lifestyle sites and merchandise.  Breakdowns of equipment, with reviews and ratings.

Snowboarding-  Provide content that teaches, covers events, alongside product and equipment recommendations.

Soccer-  A huge site idea for providing content on learning the game, how to play, skills and drills, and so much more!

Sports Medicine-  Develop content for the athlete to address areas of concern, as well as background info for those looking to build a career in sports medicine.

Sports Nutrition-  A huge niche area that affects all athletes!  Provide content, recipes, recommendations, and much more.  Help athletes reach their full potential!

Take your sports niche ideas to the championship level!

Surfing-  Ever wanted to learn to surf?  You’re not alone!  Provide training, recommend products, and design a “lifestyle” site!

Swimming-  Learning how to swim is both a fun activity as well as a vital skill to have.  Teach the basics, provide coverage on competitions, and much more.

Table Tennis-  A lot of people buy tables for their home game rooms, which presents a pretty nice affiliate idea.  provide rankings and reviews of some of the best.

Tennis-  Teach the basics of tennis, or design a fan site that covers the pro ranks.  Or both!

Volleyball-  Teach the basics of volleyball, or design a fan site that covers the pros and Olympics.  Or both!  (sound like a common theme????)

Weight Lifting-  There are many levels of skill involved with weight lifting, from the beginner and casual to the passionate body builder.  Prepare content that caters to every skill set.

Wrestling-  Cover the basics of most wrestling styles, with images and demonstrations.  High school and college athletes would be great marketing targets for this type of content.


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