Hit the road with these Travel Affiliate Programs!

travel affiliate programsSteer your website profits in the right direction with some of the top travel affiliate programs, listed below!

while this is not a comprehensive list, these travel affiliate programs will point your niche website efforts in the right direction, and give you a road map for future success.

Travel Affiliate programs are huge business!

According to a report from an online market research company, the global online travel booking market was valued at approximately USD 765 billion in 2017 and is expected to generate USD 1,955 billion by 2026, growing at a pace of around 12.1% between 2018 and 2026.

Now is the time to hop in and take a spin around with some of these turbocharged travel affiliate programs!

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These travel affiliate programs will help your business sail away to paradise!


One of the biggest aggregate travel websites, Booking.com offers a robust affiliate program, which has also been a big part of their growth.

Based on booking volume, their commission structure starts at 25% and skyrockets to 40% of bookings if you start to really refer the traffic to them!

Their ad creatives slide well into any blog, and they work hard at producing creatives that ‘get the click’.  Weave these links into grand travel content, and you’ll be off and running!

They have a full “landing page” style ad that explains the details of the affiliate program, another sign they are very serious about taking on quality bloggers and niche site operators.

Affiliate link:  https://www.booking.com/affiliate-program/v2/index.html


The most widely respected site for travel reviews, TripAdvisor has grown into a huge travel booking site as well.

Featuring 50% payout on bookings and deep linking to approximately 500,000 properties/destinations, TripAdvisor is a wise choice to build a travel niche around.  being able to link to robust content also helps gain traction in your niche.

The TripAdvisor affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate.

Affiliate link: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Affiliates

Air B&B

If travel is a part of your life, the Air B&B referral program may be just what you are looking for.  earn points for referrals that you can use for your own travel exploits.  the points can really add up.

This can be a very tantalizing offer to travel bloggers looking for “in person” content as they travel.

Affiliate link;  https://affiliate.withairbnb.com/


Don’t sleep on Amazon when it comes to providing your traveling readers with options for gear focused on travel.  There is a wide selection of travel essentials, from luggage to maps to everything in between.

As we all know, the commission structure at Amazon is not eye-popping, but they add up pretty quick on average.

Depending on the type of travel niche category you center on, this can be a very lucrative part of your income.

Affiliate link:  https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

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