21 Breakthrough Tricks for great website content ideas

21 methods for finding website content ideas


website content ideasWebsite content ideas can seem boundless once you fall in love with a niche idea. Most people choose their initial niche choice based on topics they already treasure.

At some point, however, your “spark” fades, and that endless sea of ideas dries up. When that happens, we have some little tips to launch some new website content ideas!

Here are 21 avenues that will help you recapture that abundance of website content ideas that you first had when you started your blog.

Remember: it is wise to keep a log and record ideas as they hit you. That next “brilliant” idea you have may be forgotten if you don’t write it down.

1. “Google alerts.” This might be my favorite method of all of them!  Simply go to “Google alerts,” slap in some keywords, and you will get related stories every day. This gives you new research and inspiration for your own content.  Not to mention, it can keep your content fresh and up to date with current trends!

2. Read up on your competition. Never copy content from your competitors, but digesting some of  their content and seeing the reactions they get will surely fill you with ideas that you can incorporate into your blog.

3. Share your opinion about someone else’s content.  In your research, you may find content or views you disagree with.  One great way to voice your opinion is to write an article that expresses your views about that particular topic.   You may get overwhelming amounts of feedback from your readers because they will see the real passion that you had when you wrote the article.

4. Find what is missing. When navigating the website content ideas of others, you often find some key components missing.  Weave those “missing links” into your own articles.   But don’t stop there!  Get inside the head of your competitors and envision what they might post next on the subject. Get the jump on them, and craft a fresh idea on that topic first!

5. Explore the unknown.  Read content that doesn’t necessarily match your niche, then jot down
a few points that relate to your particular niche. This action is “out-of-the-box” thinking that
comes alive in your work. Discovering new twists in your content presentation will broaden your audience.

6. Find the pain.  Take the time to find your visitors pain and problems, so you can better
relate to them. Nothing fosters a stronger bond with your audience than offering solutions, or empathizing with them at the least. Build articles that touch on these topics.

7. Do some interviews. Reach out to others in your niche. Ask them if you can do some “Q&A” interviews. Once they are complete, organize and refine it, and you have a finished article. If that person happens to have a product, then go ahead and let them plug it. Work out a commission structure if it sells through your article.  An affiliate program would be great as well because you would monetize that post.

8. Expand on your previous articles. If you have been at this a while, you already have some content. Look through some of these articles, and decide if some of it could use a fresh update, or even maybe a different view.

9. Check your mistakes.  If you find a differing view now versus some of your earlier content, don’t fret. Share this change in opinion with your audience as fresh content.  Oftentimes, this can create a swell of opinion in support of either of these views, which creates good audience engagement.

10. Don’t shy away from comedy. Don’t be afraid to throw a little humor in your writing. If
you have a witty perspective on your particular niche, then share the comedy with your readers.  Articles that inspire humor, in many cases, receive the most feedback.

11. Start a fight. For almost every topic on earth, there are two sides.  Voice your opinion if you feel very strongly about a particular topic, or play “devil’s advocate”. Sit back and watch the feedback pour in, as visitors explain their positions.  A spirited discussion can be great inspiration for content!

12. Make some bold predictions. If you feel that you have unique insight or opinion into the future, then go ahead and make some predictions. If it turns out to be true, your audience will likely enjoy it and then have the opportunity to link to that previous article with another article.  If not, at least you drew up some interesting viewpoints.

13. Just relax and think.  With your notebook by your side, allow yourself to NOT think about topics for your blog.  Many times, it is when you aren’t trying when ideas pop into your head.

14. Exercise. It might sound random to exercise the body when  your goal is brain work, but it works! Exercising releases endorphins, which helps the body feel good and relaxed. Typically when you are in this state, you think better. In other words, exercise leads to happiness, which leads to a better state of mind.

15. Host a contest. Post some questions or a poll, with gathering info as your goal.  Solicit responses and set a deadline, and then promise the winner a prize. Offering a nice prize will ensure the best participation odds.  Additionally, some of the audience will likely want to voice their opinion about who they think should win. You could even take it one step further by allowing the audience to vote for the winner.

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16. Write a story.   This one is definitely “out of the box”!   Write some fiction!  You can write anything from a odd fantasy piece to a modern day drama and then segue to your particular niche. You will definitely get attention and feedback! You could even make it an ongoing series if you receive a good response from your readers.

17. Explore your comment section. Occasionally, scour your comment section, and make note of some of the unusual thoughts or questions that you have not answered. Then write some articles based on those “sticky” comments.  This is a win-win situation.  It helps you think of ideas rather quickly and it satisfies the readers that took time to comment and give their feedback.

18. Do some product reviews.  Most reviews are biased, and serve to promote a product by giving a false review.  If you feel strongly about products you have had experience, it will shine through.  Be detailed and serve to convince the reader that they are getting a real review.  This information builds trust in you.  The only negative may be that the competition may not like the honest aspect of the review.

19. Do a book review.  Read up on books that pertain to your particular niche and compose some review articles. Many larger books may give you several different ideas for content. Who knows, you may receive feedback from the authors themselves!

20. Give your audience a test.  Post an article that is rather out of character for you and highly inaccurate on facts and see who notices. This will yield some rather interesting responses from your audience.  It also allows you the opportunity to compose another article expressing your true feelings on the topic.

21. Use some guest bloggers.  Find some people that you trust and let them do a couple of articles. This is crucial because it allows you to analyze another’s work and pull things from it. Also, it adds diversity to your blog, which is very important as the years add up.

Have some quick and cool tips for pulling new, fresh content from unusual sources?  Share it with the audience int he comments section below!

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