Slim down with these Weight Loss Affiliate Programs!

If you are building a niche site focused around wight loss, there has never been a better time than now!  The total U.S. weight loss market grew at an estimated 4.1% in 2018, from $69.8 billion to $72.7 weight loss affiliate programsbillion. The total market is forecast to grow 2.6% annually through 2023.

To monetize a great site such as this, we’ll explore some of the best weight loss affiliate programs to build around.

Explore all the angles when choosing weight loss affiliate programs

In addition to weight loss affiliate programs that deal directly with weight loss, there are many other options to consider and build around.  Exercise, clean eating, and meal replacement foods/shakes are just a few of the options to build content and partnerships around!

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Top weight loss affiliate programs


maximum slim weight loss affiliate programs

Maximum Slim

Weight loss with an eco-friendly twist, Maximum Slim is widely known for their Original Green Coffee.

They also offer many other products, and their commission is a straight 25% for a whole year!

They have a wide range of creatives to use in a variety of ways.  Maximum slim is part of the ShareASale affiliate network.

affiliate page:


Natural Healthy Concepts

Natural Health Concepts carries a huge selection of products for men, women, and youth. They have a  large list of product that spans many different brands, which will give your visitors many different options to choose from.

They also include a line of 50 different metabolic supplements. A strong and fast metabolism is an important factor in losing weight, making these products especially popular. Their commissions are modest at 8%, but their average order and visibility make promoting them worthwhile.

affiliate link: affiliate program

An enormous site that is insanely popular, caters to fitness enthusiasts, but also has a wide range of products geared towards weight loss.

This affiliate program may be a great choice for weight loss niches of a certain type, and maybe not so much for others.  It will depend on what angle you target with your site.

They also offer a lot of great information and workout tips and advice. They state that they have over 1 million unique visitors to their website each day. Their commission structure is 15% on orders from new customers, and 5% on orders from returning customers.

Their cookie tracking only lasts until a customer makes a purchase.  So, if the same customer is to make a subsequent purchase, they will have to go through the affiliate link again for the affiliate to get the commission.

Despite the lower commission rate and limited cookie, is a great company to partner with as they offer such a wide range of high-quality, relevant products.

affiliate link:

bauer nutrition affiliate program

Bauer Nutrition

Boasting products ranging from fitness, well being, and weight loss, Bauer is a popular company offering a wide range of products.

What is outstanding from an affiliate standpoint is that they offer 40% commissions!  Their average order (according to their website) is around $80.

As for the consumer, they offer worldwide shipping, a 60 day guarantee, and many deep discounts and sales, which makes it easy to promote.

affiliate link:

weight watchers affiliate program

Weight Watchers

One of the most popular and longest-lasting weight management programs of all time, the Weight Watchers program has remained popular for their foundation in common sense meal management and their ability to adapt with changing times.

Their commission structure is a respectable $10 per order, which can really add up because of the name recognition that the company gets.

affiliate link:

wonderslim affiliate program


Any meal replacement program in the same vein as Weight Watchers, the Wonderslim program is gaining in popularity, in part because of success stories, and in part because of their 150% money-back guarantee.

The guarantee alone makes this a wise choice to promote, as conversions are much higher because consumers feel they have nothing to lose.

The commission is up to 25% on sales, and they offer a 30 day cookie.  They claim their average order is around $120.

affiliate link:

diet to go affiliate program

Diet To Go

A meal delivery service similar to Blue Apron, but with a twist….their foods and meals are diet friendly!

Their service is popular in this fast paced, deliver to your door world.

The meals are portion-controlled to keep calories down, and customers have access to registered dietitians and health coaches to keep them on track.  There are specialized menu options for low carb/keto eaters, diabetics and vegetarians.

Program Highlights
  • Earn $40 on every sale with multiple opportunities for larger commissions & bonuses.
  • We pay partners when they send a visitor to our website who then purchases a meal plan. We track your sales via links and/or promo codes.
  • Track all your activity and sales through your online dashboard.
  • Dozens of partners Earn Over $1,000 Per Month
  • Full Time Dedicated Program Management
  • 45 Day Referral Period (Cookies)

affiliate link:

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