What is content in marketing? An overview of why it matters

what is content in marketingIf you have ever Googled “what is content in marketing“, you’ve come to the right place!  This comprehensive guide will answer the role that content plays in awesome marketing and much more!

What Is content in Marketing?  A brief background

The question of “what is content in marketing?” is usually asked by those trying to understand content marketing.  This guide will dive into the benefits of content marketing first.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.  In other words, it is content directed at a NICHE!

Content marketing can be evergreen and fills your website with relevant posts about a particular niche, which slowly builds trust in your expertise on a particular subject.

Hopefully, that gives you a contextual answer to the question of “what is content in marketing”.

Now, for the good stuff.  Let’s talk about the awesome benefits of creating fantastic content!

What Is content in marketing:  The Benefits for you!


  • You’ll establish a strong brand identity

Brand identity is critical for businesses of all sizes. No matter what industry you’re in, how people perceive your brand is paramount to your success.
With content marketing, you can infuse your style and “voice” into your content and make it unique to your brand. When you establish your brand identity and marketing position, it’s easier to persuade
them to follow your calls to action.

  • You’ll build trust with your audience

Honestly, trusting random brands on the Internet is difficult.   Unless they can establish themselves as an authority, chances are you’re not going to be interested. That’s where content in marketing shines!
When you create great, topical content, people will start to see you as an authority. As time goes, you’ll be getting people to trust you.

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  • It’s great for your site’s SEO

Content is the keystone of a great content marketing strategy. People are always on the lookout for excellent content, and they can tell the difference. If they like your content, they’re likely to be linking to it, sharing, commenting on it, and sharing it.  These engagements which tells search engines your content is fantastic and authoritative in your niche.

Content is also the lifeblood of search engines. The more valuable and helpful your content
is, the more search engines are going to love your content and reward you
with high rankings on their search results pages.

  • Content in marketing develops relationships with your audience

You don’t want to build large amounts of content, only to have people view it one time, and then bounce.  Ideally, you want people to love your content, and keep coming back.

One great method for engagement is to solicit an email sign up, offering a free product or newsletter. If you build a mailing list full of interested people, then you can direct them to visit your site every time you publish some new content!

  • content marketing will generate highly qualified leads

There are many ways you can generate leads, but content marketing offers one of the best ROIs (return on investment). People who find you on search engines are those who are searching for the information you provide.

Developing your content marketing strategy

Content marketing is used to establish you as an authority in your niche, which builds trust with your audience and should set you up nicely to convert that trust into sales. This is, by far, the most stable strategy for business online, although it will take time.  Be patient, keep toiling away at the craft of great content, take good care of your visitors, and you will grow.

Your main overall goal of content marketing should be, simply, to be great and be consistent!

Set a schedule for writing and posting content.  Make sure that the content is high quality and valuable to the visitor.  Make sure the content fits well within the niche.  Wash rinse, repeat.

Those are the basics for getting content on the page.  To add the marketing edge to your offerings, you will have to employ a bit more strategy into your pages.  You will have to add in elements that eventually produce a call to action.

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A solid content marketing strategy should stages such as these:

  • Set your goals and define your niche–  decide on what types of content, research keywords that “frame” your niche , and decide on a content schedule.  Be prepared to change this!
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?  Build a list, get sales, brand awareness, ad clicks, etc.  It is important to know where you want to go.  Don’t worry, it’s okay to want a little of all of these results!
  • Research your competition and your potential audience-  seek out other sites in your niche, and observe how they approach their audience and how they sell.  Jot down and research the typical person who would be interested in your content.  Don’t forget Facebook groups in your niche- they can reveal a lot!
  • What solutions are your audience seeking?  Jot down a list of common problems that your content, products, and services can solve.
  • Brainstorm content ideas–  make a list of anything you can think of related to this niche!  It doesn’t have to make sense at this point!  Just make a list!
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  • Build your article framework–  use your favored keywords, build a headline centered around that word, then sketch an article outline.
  • Create your website and start adding your content-  as you write, sprinkle in some links to an newsletter sign up or product suggestion.  Use a natural in context link and try not to “sell” too much.  Remember, the content is what the audience is seeking right now.

The content marketing environment

Ultimately, you want your content to lead to sales and building an email list.  It is here that you will craft great content, then weave links and calls to action into your text.

Whatever content goals you set initially, be prepared to evolve over time.  You will always be taking on new knowledge and angles, and should be constantly learning from your audience.

Here are the typical parts of this environment:

  • High quality content–  Producing great content should be the cornerstone of your niche site, and will be the #1 reason you draw traffic.  It should be on-topic, in depth, unique, and informative.
  • Email sign up/email sequence–  Capture an email audience by offering a free product, mini course,  and/or regular updates to your content.  In-text link, a subtle pop-up, or a sidebar ad can do the trick!  use email clients such as MailChimp to build a campaign, and set up a sequence that sends newsletters ever few days.  In those regular emails, provide quality info, then a subtle pitch for a product or service that is related.
  • Relevant product suggestions–  In the course of your article, promote a related product or service.  do this lightly and when it proper to do so.  Don’t allow your content to become just a sales pitch!  Give your audience the information they are looking for, then suggest a solution.
  • Affiliate promotions–  same standard as above.  promote your affiliated products or services when the content dictates.

I sincerely hope this overview has given you some clarity on the basics of content is marketing.  It is the most important aspects of creating niche sites, and all profit roads run through it!


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